On 6 September 2023, Civil Society Europe launched its Civil Society State of the Union report (CS SOTEU). The CS SOTEU comprises the visions and recommendations of 43 civil society organisations for a more democratic and just EU, both socially and environmentally.

Доклад появился после нескольких месяцев сотрудничества широкой коалиции организаций гражданского общества, действующих на уровне ЕС, среди которых ALDA, и оно адресовано ЕС и его государствам-членам.

In early February 2023, CSE launched a new working group dedicated to following up on the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE). This Working Group (WG) is dedicated to supporting civil society and citizens’ participation in EU democracy. In doing so, the WG is continuing the collaborative and ambitious work accomplished within the Civil Society Convention for the Conference on the Future of Europe (CSOCoFoE) in 2021-2022.

The WG has been divided in thematic subgroups, chaired by one or two CSOs, and they developed the different chapters of the report, covering topics such as democracy, fundamental rights, civic space, EU’s external policies, migration and asylum, freedom of movement, social rights and justice, climate change and other environmental challenges, digital transformation, and human security.

Our coalition calls for EU decision makers to make civic space and civil dialogue central topics in the 2024 European elections, and demands that the future European Parliament and European Commission take real, meaningful steps during the next five years to better recognise, protect and engage civil society at all levels.

ALDA совместно с Европейским гражданским форумом (ECF) выступила сопредседателем главы I о демократии ЕС, верховенстве закона, ценностях и ЕС в мире

Overview of the chapters of the report: 

  1. Укрепление демократии, основных прав и гражданского пространства в ЕС и мире
  2. Расширение свободы передвижения и солидарности для более инклюзивного европейского общества
  3. Социально справедливый ЕС
  4. Борьба с последствиями изменения климата и решение (глобальных) экологических проблем
  5. Цифровая трансформация, которая никого не оставит без внимания в ЕС
  6. Защита будущего европейского общества посредством политики безопасности, ориентированной на человека.

ALDA co-chaired with the European Civic Forum (ECF) the chapter I on EU democracy, rule of law, values, and EU in the world. 

ALDA и коалиция ОГО видят Европейский Союз как динамичную демократию, где граждане активно участвуют в процессах принятия решений и доверяют своим институтам. Мы представляем себе ЕС, который поддерживает верховенство закона, защищает основные права и способствует равенству и социальной сплоченности.

Since the CoFoE, there have been significant developments that have shaped the landscape of EU democracy and values. The Civil Society Convention (CSOCoFoE)’s report, citizens’ panels, and a preliminary evaluation of the Commission’s post-CoFoE proposals have provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities we face. However, it is equally important to address non-developments, areas where progress has been stagnant or insufficient, to identify areas that require urgent attention and action; and this is what this Report attempts to do. 

During the public launch event for the Report, not only involved CSOs were present, but the agenda also welcomed a panel discussion with remarks by Professor Maria do Céu Patrão Neves, Vice-Chair of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, Mr. Giacomo Filibeck, Executive Secretary General of the Party of European Socialists, and Ms. Ingrid Bellander Todino, Head of Unit, Fundamental Rights, DG JUST; all of them provided different perspectives to the same issues at stake, shedding light on new inputs for discussion with the audience. 


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