The First Round of the Food Wave Call for Proposals directed to youth-led and small civil society organisations closed successfully! 21 proposals have been selected, involving 13 different countries and 25 territories.

The Food Wave Project, led by the Municipality of Milan together with 29 project partners (cities, municipal agencies and civil society organisations)  in 17 countries, aims at creating awareness on sustainable ways to consume and produce food for climate change mitigation and activate young people in their cities, in order to enable them to influence institutional decisions, so they can lead us to a sustainable global food system by 2030, with the involvement of global networks such as C40.

Within this framework, the Project, under the coordination of ALDA, with the collaboration of the project partners and in synergy with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), established a sub-granting scheme that will contribute to the Food Wave Project overall objective, supporting grass-root initiatives in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviours.

The selected proposals will directly involve about 6000 young people в 13 European countries implementing a wide variety of communication, promotion, dissemination and awareness raising initiatives but also training and learning by doing activities such as intercultural cooking workshops, gardening and planting workshops and creative activities like food museums, bike-parades, photo documentaries among many others!

. main themes that will be addressed are: Sustainable diets to reduce the impact on the planet and protect human rights, fight against food waste, sustainable food education and knowledge sharing/dissemination, local alternative food systems, local producer and territorial market, fight against climate change and equal access to healthy, sustainable and fairy food.

Through the territorial actions promoted by the selected applicants, the project is contributing to the SDGs localisation and to the implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, with a specific focus on fighting hunger (SDG 2), contributing to economic growth and decent work opportunities (SDG 8), promoting responsible consumption and production patterns (SDG 12), building sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) and contributing to the climate action starting from the territorial level (SDG 13).

Here is a complete list of the selected organisations and their projects:
СтранаTerritory of the project implementationName of the organizationTitle of the project
БельгияMolenbeekBx -Jeunes  1080Fertile City
БельгияBrugesJCI Brugge vzwRoad show for JCI EC Bruges 2022    
БолгарияSofiaReflektor FoundationSofia Neighbourhood
ФранцияСтрасбургStamtishWorld Food for Thoughts
ВенгрияBudabestFelelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány - Heroes of Responsible Dining FoundationGas Trial - interactive gastronomy related trial program for young adults
ИталияМиланRecup - Associazione di Promozione SocialeRecipes from the neighbourhood
ИталияTurinYOUth ConnectFrom Waster to Master
ИталияMilan, Zona 6, Quartiere Giambellino-LorenteggioAssociazione di Promozione Sociale Laboratorio di Quartiere Giambellino LorenteggioGiambellGarden
ИталияAosta (Aosta); Assisi (Perugia); Orvieto (Terni); Riva del Garda (Trento); Larino (Campobasso); Termoli.Associazione Italiana Giovani per l’UNESCOEDU project - Agenda 2030
ИталияMilan and FlorenceCHANGE FOR PLANET - YOUTH IN ACTION - APSEat Climate For breakfast
НидерландыAlmereStichting 'n Wilde Keuze (Translation: Foundation A Wild Choice)A Wild Choice: The Food Museum of today and tomorrow
НидерландыAlmere, Turin, Milan, RomeStichting Slow Food Youth NetworkOn the wave: European youth changing the food system
ПольшаВаршаваPolski Klub Ekologiczny Okręg Pomorski„Climate Eatucation”    
ПортугалияCascaisAssociação Juvenil Rota JovemEco youth citizens
ПортугалияEsposendeRio Neiva - Associação de Defesa do Ambiente / Rio Neiva - Environmental NGOThe museum of Food waste
СловенияMariborEntrepreneurial educational youth cooperative society EPEKA, ULTD, social enterpriseHealthy food for a healthy planet
СловенияLjubljanaKomunikum, Inštitut za podatkovno povezovanje v medmrežjuCommunity garden Ljubljana
ШвецияÖrkelljungaHello YouthLet’s fight food waste

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