After a preliminary phase to identify the schools and the students to be involved in the Water’s Experts project, the training activities started in Italy and North Macedonia.

On 14th February 2023 the training course started in the school I.I.S.S. Lombardo-Radice in Bojano (Molise, Italy), held by the geologist Vincenzo Amato, researcher at the Department of Biosciences and Territory, University of Molise. The next day, on 15th February, it was the Medical High School “Nikola Stein”, in Tetovo (North Macedonia), to start the training, held by the biology teacher Sasho Markovikj.

The students involved in the Water’s Experts project, attending the last year of vocational schools, have the chance to enhance their scientific knowledge and acquire technical and professional skills in the field of water resources management. At the end of this 4-month training course, students will be capable of understanding the geographic and biological specificities of the watercourses and able to identify and handle the critical issues.

Enhancing students' scientific knowledge and technical skills in the field of water resources management

Moreover, the training course aims to raise awareness about climate change adaptation and the importance of water resources. It was conceived as an interdisciplinary activity promoting professional development but also social participation among youth, enhancing cooperation and team working among students.

The training course is structured into 4 different modules covering the following topics: river geomorphology, cartography and basics of GIS tools, river ecology, alteration of river environments and hints of river rehabilitation. It includes both theoretical and practical activities, in order to let students put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical part. 

The training is about to start in Portugal and France also, where the project partners have been proceeding setting the preparatory activities.

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