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Cooperation as the key for a more inclusive and flourishing future

In a globalized world as the one we are living in nowadays borders and boundaries are every day more labile, and so are the effects of policies and actions that no longer impact only a restricted community. ALDA is engaged, with all its members and partner, in supporting and fighting for a sustainable development that will allow the international community and citizens all over the world to a more inclusive and flourishing future.

Furthermore we are deeply convinced that the development of our communities can be sustainable only when it is coming from a fruitful cooperation among all the actors of the organized civil society, and when the voices of citizens are heard and valorized.

Cooperating partners



Европейское партнерство за демократию



EU-Russia Civil Society Forum

Агентства местной демократии

Black Sea – NGO Forum

Projects in action




Egal 2

For a sustainable and shared…

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