Where we work

Based in 6 areas, active in 54 countries of the European Union and its Neighbourhood, ALDA is now going global

ALDA works in most of the European Union, in its Neighbourhood and it isdeveloping partnerships and activities in many other parts of the World.

Activities in the European Union are mainly oriented to the promotion of active citizenship and to strengthen the European values and identity, while the work in the Western Balkans and in the European Neighborhood focuses on good governance, citizen participation, European integration and decentralisation.

As coordinator and supporter of the network of the Local Democracy Agencies, a natural focus is given to the Western Balkans, where the majority of them are located.

Nonetheless, thanks to the incessant work of our team, this network does not stop growing and spreading. The most recent LDA was created on April 2019 in Tétouan, Morocco, only a few years after the establishment of the LDA in Kairouan (Tunisia), Cimișlia (Moldova) and Mariupol (Ukraine).

ALDA is also leading projects and developing partnerships in other European neighboring countries, such as Belarus and Turkey, as well as starting promising collaborations with key stakeholders in North America and Southern Africa.