Welcome to all new Members: A special ALDA Governing Board session

Mai 10, 2023

Good governance

ALDA Governing Board met last 28 April for a special online session that marked some great improvements on the process to become an ALDA Member. While beforehand the procedure to admit new members in ALDA was based only on the analysis of the documents submitted by each new entity applying, ALDA has recently decided to adopt a method more aimed at dialogue and direct acquaintance with potential new members. 

Indeed, started in early 2023, local authorities or civil society organisations wishing to enter the network of ALDA as members are invited to introduce themselves and their motivations to become an ALDA member directly to the Governing Board during a dedicated online meeting taking place regularly during the year.

The reasons for this change are to be found in the ever-increasing importance and value that ALDA places on its members as an integral part of the Association and driver of change in local communities.

The Governing Board gathered specifically to discuss the application of several potential new members

Thus, on April 28th, 2023,  the Governing Board gathered specifically to discuss and give feedback about the application of several potential new members: 

  • Dnipro University, Ukraine
  • Municipality of Karpos, North Macedonia 
  • Municipality of Hani i Elezit, Kosovo 
  • Municipality of Shtime, Kosovo
  • Center for Legal Civic Initiatives – CLCI, Albania

One after another, potential members took the floor and presented their local reality, strategies and challenges to improve local democracy and citizens’ participation, including examples of present and past good practices they implemented in these fields.

As a conclusion to this special Governing Board session, all members presented have been welcome as new members of ALDA.

Thus, we give a warm welcome to all news Members of our network and cannot wait to begin to work side by side in order to keep enhancing local democracy around Europe and its Neighborhood! 


To learn more about the ALDA membership and its benefits, check out the Membership Infopack and/or contact us to