Public Administration as a Green Leader

generalna sekretarka ALDA Antonelle Valmorbida, will be among the keynote speakers at the Webinar “Public Administration as a Green Leader” that will take place on 23 September 2021, via Facebook Live.

In light of the 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report the focus of governance should shift in order to reflect the needs of citizens concerned about climate change and its consequences. One way to do this is to “turn public administration green”. But what does that mean? “Turning public administration green means formulating a vision to be shared with and by the population and upholding a commitment to sacrifice short-term (economic) interests to ensure long-term sustainability. "

Turning public administration green means formulating a vision to be shared with and by the population

The webinar will also showcase best practices to make office buildings more environmentally sustainable, minimise the impacts of meetings and events, promote sustainable commuting and business travel etc.

It will be moderated by the Head of the Department of Democracy and Governance, Dan Popescu, and the other speakers are: 

  • Maja Marincek, Undersecretary, Public Procurement Directorate, Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenia;
  • Marion Rumpl, Competence Centre for Sustainable Procurement at the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany;
  • Gerhard Weiner, Head of the Service Center of the Sustainable Public Procurement Action Plan in Austria

ALDA is glad to be part of the event, and sharing its experience and knowledge with other international realities, together for a greener Europe and world!

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VALID in Ravenna, Italy: Where culture brings the community together


The city of Ravenna recently celebrated the 700. anniversary of the death of the epic poet and father of the Italian Language, Dante Alighieri. With this major event passing by and in the occasion of the third transnational meeting, participants of the VALID project took the days of September 10-13 to visit the culturally monumental city and engage in various cultural exchanges and activities, alongside partners of the event presenting their own delegations of the project. Participants included representatives of partner municipalities, local authorities of Ravenna, youth and culture groups, NGOs, artists, and interested citizens.

Looking at the activities that those involved participated in, they had plenty of opportunities to exchange amongst one another experiences such as what their respective groups are involved in and do, and special attention was paid to the theatrical and artistic side of Ravenna. The delegations had the opportunity to hear about several initiatives that the Municipality of Ravenna supports.

Projektni partneri „Teatro delle Albe” theater group, which is a partner of the city, presented multiple performances done by the youth of Ravenna such as plays, and the final results of a Rap Lab. This all tied further into the topic of Dante and what he means to the people of Italy. The aim of the theater troupe is to promote the local culture and bring the people of Ravenna together, and they took the time to share how they have gone about that and helped further promote the local cultural abundance. Part of the program is delegated towards the inclusion of migrants through theater, in particular, a group from Senegal, and showing that despite our differences, we can all find a shared heritage to unite us.

The participants experienced the rich culture of Ravenna

The participants experienced the rich culture of Ravenna, and explored around the city, seeing the art, and major landmarks, many preserved for hundreds of years, such as the San Francesco Basilica. Functioning as both a library and a museum, the ancient site is a piece of history in the present and houses art related to Dante and the Divine Comedy.

As part of the celebration the Valid project partners took part in the traditional reading of the Devine Comedy in front of Dante’s tomb. Several event participants read part of the Divine Comedy to the Tomb in their respective languages, with the event being livestreamed. The spectators were able to hear the lines of the famous poem in Slovenian, Macedonian, Albanian, Bosnian and Italian. It is part of a daily happening in which anyone can sign up to read part of the Divine Comedy to the tomb, restarting on a yearly basis, as the city’s gift to Dante.

Now back at home, all delegations are organizing their own local paths and working with their communities after this event to identify various community art forms and facilitate their own dialogue and exchanges for phase 2 of this third transnational meeting.

Organizacija VALID project is a bottom-up level project centered around building a strong network of towns to foster intercultural exchange and encourage intercultural dialogue and active local participation. It takes place across a period of around 2 years and involves the organization of several international events across multiple countries, this being one of the major stops. Ravenna is a very culturally rich city, and all the partners involved were able to experience that firsthand.

GEM IN: Usvojite interkulturalno obrazovanje!

Koji je najbolji način učenja? Kroz igru naravno!

„Igra za usvajanje interkulturalnog obrazovanja“ (“Game to EMbrace INtercultural education”) - GEM IN projekat nadograđuje ovaj podsticaj za promociju interkulturalnog obrazovanja koristeći neformalne i razigrane pristupe, poboljšavajući sticanje društvenih i građanskih kompetencija za mlade ljude.

Svrha projekta je podrška interkulturalnom obrazovanju u školi i u neformalnom omladinskom okruženju kao sredstvo za poticanje društvene uključenosti, međukulturnog dijaloga i aktivnog građanstva promoviranjem evropskih vrednosti.

U isto vreme, projekat namerava da pruži inpute i preporuke politike za strategije intervencija za promovisanje međukulturnog obrazovanja i aktivnog građanstva kroz inovativni obrazovni okvir.

Koji je najbolji način učenja? Kroz igru, naravno! Uz projekat GEM IN!

Cilj obrazovnog okvira je da bude vodič za sve učitelje, vaspitače, rukovodioce projekata i ljude koji koriste igru kao obrazovni resurs zahvaljujući potpunom objašnjenju svih koraka koji su preduzeti za kreiranje igre i njenog sadržaja, imajući u vidu vrednosti i metodologiju promovisane kroz ceo projekat GEM IN

Na primer, tokom pilot faze projekta na Kipru, deca su imala priliku da saznaju o drugoj kulturi i o tome šta inkluzija znači kroz igru koju je razvio GEM IN; pa čak ni pandemija COVID-19 nije mogla zaustaviti ovo učenje (igranjem) kada su učenici mogli igrati i komunicirati s igrom onlajn, kao i ponuditi pronicljive i konstruktivne povratne informacije.

Za više informacija možete posetiti veb sajt projekta i pročitati oba njuzletera.

ENG Newsletter 1 i 2

FR Newsletter 1 i 2

Free webinar for Members on the Conference on the Future of Europe and its tools

ALDA is pleased to announce that the next webinar in the ALDATalks series has been officially scheduled for September the 24th 2021, at 2 pm CEST.

The event is open exclusively to Members of ALDA, and it will be held online in English, with the possibility of French simultaneous translation.

Organizacija Conference for the Future of Europe (CoFoE)  represents a crucial occasion for the European Parliament, Council of Europe and European Commission to listen and collect citizens’ ideas and opinions on the future of the European Union. 

ALDA is organising various activities within the conference, which you are warmly invited to join, but this webinar specifically is a chance to share with members new tools and opportunities to understand how you and your organisation/s can contribute ideas, clarify any doubts and answer every question.

If you are a Member check your email and get the link to register!

Join ALDA’s active participation in the Conference and you too can give a meaningful contribution to the identification of the next European challenges and priorities! 


  • Explanation of the concept and main objectives behind the CoFoE. By Antonelle Valmorbida, – General Secretary of ALDA and member of the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Convention
  • Presentation the Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe, a joint declaration which ensures the effective involvement of citizens. By Ruth-Marie Henckes – Advocacy and Communications Coordinator at EPD - Evropsko partnerstvo za demokratiju 
  • Explanation of how the  CoFoE platforms work and how you can contribute with your ideas, comments and suggestions By Sofia Gatteri – Communication Officer at ALDA 

ALDA invites its members to register at the following link!



Sa velikom i dubokom tugom obaveštavamo vas da je naš kolega, Victor Cotruta, zadužen za projekte u istočnoj Evropi sa našim timom u Kišinjevu, preminuo juče, 14. septembra.

Viktor će nam ostati u sećanju kao sjajan kolega, motivisan i predan svom poslu koji je uvek obavljao sa retkim entuzijazmom. Victor je bio osoba dobrog srca, koristan i pravi prijatelj mnogih od nas kako na poslu, tako i privatno.

Victor je imao više od 25 godina iskustva na polju upravljanja projektima i koordinacije, sa posebnim fokusom na životnu sredinu, učešće i obrazovanje.

Doktorirao je statistiku i bio profesor na Akademiji ekonomskih studija Moldavije, ali njegova strast je bio treći sektor, pa je od 2009. godine, kada je pokrenuto Istočno partnerstvo (Istočno partnerstvo), bio duboko uključen u aktivnosti u vezi sa promocijom inicijativa, upravljanje projektima koji se sprovode u Moldaviji i u drugim partnerskim zemljama Istočnog partnerstva.

Pre nego što se pridružio timu, već je bio partner ALDA-e, preko svoje organizacije u Moldaviji, radeći zajedno sa ALDA-om radi uspostavljanja Foruma civilnog društva za Istočno partnerstvo, gde su Victor i Antonella Valmorbida, generalna sekretarka ALDA-e, bili članovi Upravnog odbora prve godine.

Svi smo imali sreću da radimo sa Victorom i imali smo priliku da vidimo kakav je on veliki čovek bio. Mnogo će nam nedostajati.

Naša generalna sekretarka sutra će sa kolegama prisustvovati sahrani u Kišinjevu.

U znak sećanja, ALDA najavljuje dan žalosti, u ponedjeljak, 20. septembra, kada će sve kancelarije biti zatvorene zbog komemoracije. Više informacija će biti poslato svim kolegama, prijateljima i partnerima.

Naše duboko saučešće njegovoj porodici, njegovim bliskim kolegama u našoj kancelariji u Kišinjevu, prijateljima i svima koji su ga poznavali i voleli.


Oriano Otočan, predsednik ALDA; 

Antonella Valmorbida, generalna sekretarka ALDA; 

Svi zaposleni u ALDA; 

upravni odbor ALDA

Kolege Delegati LDA

ALDA: konkretni koraci ka demokratiji

Believe and invest in every single citizen” – with these words ALDA Secretary General – Antonella Valmorbida commented on the key role that democracy plays in our society. Yet, since its very beginning, the Association has been committed to spread democracy as a shared value, as well as a living condition. In light of that, on the occasion of Democracy Week 2021, ALDA is happy to celebrate this anniversary inviting everyone to play an active role! 

Ipak, kako ALDA pretvara ovu složenu ideju u konkretne radnje? Pogledajte ova tri primera o tome kako Asocijacija demokratiju čini stvarnom činjenicom!

1) Democracy is Choice, Freedom, Participation.
Building conditions that allow people to live freely, to choose freely are among the milestones of Europe, as well as ALDA’s mission. Yet, making this possible is a daily exercise that requires the participation of different actors, and players. Having that in mind, it comes with itself that ALDA not only stimulates civic engagement, and citizens’ involvement; but it is also a crucial player in creating bridges between people and institutions. Thus, since the beginning of the 2021, ALDA is fully engaged in the Civil Society Convention on the Conference on the Future of Europe, having Ms. Valmorbida as elected member of the Steering Committee. Furthermore, the Association is actively promoting several events on the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) platform, and it will be glad to see many of its members, partners and friends online too, shaping the Future of Europe together.

2) Demokratija je Sinergija i Dijalog.
Na osnovu ova dva aspekta, kao i pristupa koji uključuje više zainteresovanih strana, ALDA je posvećena postizanju zajedničkih ciljeva zajedno sa svojom velikom mrežom. Računajući na više od 350 članova, bilo da su to lokalne vlasti, organizacije civilnog društva, a zahvaljujući 15 agencija lokalne demokratije (LDA), Asocijacija i dalje ulaže u razvoj mreže sastavljene od aktera i predstavnika koji dolaze iz različitih komponenti zajednice. Dakle, ideja je podržati razvoj demokratije u Evropi i šire, kao što je jasno objašnjeno u vodećoj inicijativi ALDA-e„Europska podrška lokalnoj demokratiji“,vredan priručnik sa konkretnim primerima i alatima kako demokratiju učiniti realnom.

3)Democracy is Glocal.
By supporting local democracy and citizens engagement in Europe, the Neighbourhood and beyond, ALDA is a strategic partner when it comes to localising Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Hence, when developing its projects, ALDA has the 17 SDGs in mind and designs its activities in order to not only raise awareness on them, but also to stimulate a change and promote concrete actions for their success. As testified by its projects, ALDA is able to turn international goals into a daily and local attitude, which calls on every citizen to join. 

Konačno, demokratija, kako poreklo reči sugeriše [demos = narod], sastavni je deo društva i njegovih ljudi. Stoga je ALDA veoma posvećena, kao što je pokazano u više od 20 godina aktivnosti, da podržava građane, organizacije i tela koja su spremna da učine razliku i rade na njenoj implementaciji u Evropi i šire.

Srećna nedelja demokratije 2021. od ALDA-e!

Uspešan završetak projekta „JOURNEY”

Bilo je to zanimljivo putovanje i hvala vam puno na ovom projektu“ - evo komentara mladog učesnika tokom završne konferencije projekta „JOURNEY“.

JOURNEY – Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial, finansiranu iz programa Erasmus+, sproveo je konzorcijum od 8 organizacija iz 5 zemalja: Italije, Poljske, Ukrajine, Gruzije i Azerbejdžana.

Onlajn događaju prisustvovao je veliki broj učesnika i nekoliko zainteresovanih strana, među kojima:

  • g-din Kristel Filips, službenik za projekte u okviru EACEA - Evropske izvršne agencije za obrazovanje i kulturu iz Evropske komisije,
  • g. Petro Krainik , Nacionalna Erasmus+ kancelarija u Ukrajini,
  • Gđa Olha Olinik, vodeća koordinatorka projekta “Journey“ i zamenica šefa Sekretarijata, načelnica Centra za komunikacije, spoljne odnose i prikupljanje sredstava Viničanske regionalne asocijacije organa lokalne samouprave

Tokom svoje dve godine implementacije, „JOURNEY“ je radio na smanjenju nezaposlenosti mladih u zemljama Istočnog partnerstva povećanjem preduzetničkih kompetencija mladih koji žive u ruralnim područjima. U tom smislu, stručnjaci iz udruženja “Microfinanza e Sviluppo ONLUS” g. Mateo Solivo, “DYPALL Network” g. Mateus Hofman i “Sustainable development solutions” gđa Silvia Bivol podelili su svoje iskustvo i znanje u oblasti Erasmusa za mlade preduzetnike, uključivanje mladih ljudi u ruralno preduzetništvo i preduzetničke veštine.

Pogledajte platformu PUTOVANJE i otkrijte besplatne onlajn kurseve

Timovi iz Gruzije, Ukrajine i Azerbejdžana, i mentori i pripravnici, izrazili su svoje pozitivno iskustvo i stekli znanje i informacije u okviru programa.

Dolazeći do postignuća projekta, „JOURNEY“ je ponosno postigao sve planirane rezultate i ciljeve::
- obučen 21 mentor;
- 1 kurs od 10 modula na 4 jezika za seosku omladinu;
- 9 onlajn obuka (27 sati) za 3 ciljne zemlje;
- nova veb platform “JOURNEY”;
- 3 odbora zainteresovanih strana za diskusiju o glavnim problemima sa kojima se mladi suočavaju i načinima da ih podrže;
- 10 klubova mladih preduzetnika (6 lokalnih + 1 centralni klub - u Ukrajini, 2 - u Gruziji i 1 - u Azerbejdžanu);
- 3 naknadne radionice okupile su 90 mladih u Ukrajini, Gruziji i Azerbejdžanu (licem u lice!);
- 1 digitalna razmena mladih

Medijski dijalog: između monitoringa i poslovnog preduzetništva

Akcije za reformu medijskog sektora u Kirgistanu nastavljaju se, kao nikada do sada ... sa Medijskim Dijalogom!

S jedne strane, kampanju protiv govora mržnje - #ChallengeHate - pokrenuli su 6. septembra Vestminsterska fondacija za demokratiju (VFD) i Institut za građanski razvoj. Takva kampanja dolazi upravo uoči parlamentarnih izbora u zemlji. Projekat Medijski dijalog želi da iskoristi moć medija u zaštiti izbora bez sukoba.

Iz tog razloga, prošle srede, 8. septembra, Alekandru Coica, regionalni koordinator ALDA-e za istočnu Evropu i Centralnu Aziju, održao je niz nadzornih poseta sa korisnicima grantova, sa ciljem da stimuliše veći uticaj na lokalnom i nacionalnom nivou.

Sprovedene akcije omogućile su testiranje alternativnih strategija razvoja poslovanja u medijskom sektoru

Ovi grantisti su sproveli projekte u oblasti medijskog preduzetništva u Kirgistanu i sprovedene akcije su omogućile da se testiraju alternativne strategije razvoja poslovanja u medijskom sektoru i na taj način pokažu njihovu efikasnost.

Sastancima je prisustvovalo nekoliko organizacija, kao što su „TV akademija“, LLC „Tentek“, LLC „Bakai Nur Mega“ (Next TV), PF „New media“ (Temirov Live).

A conference to celebrate the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU

On September 17th 2021, ALDA is organising a special conference meeting to welcome the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2021.

The event will start at 12pm and will take place in hybrid form, with some participants and speakers in Novo Mesto and others connected online. Organised within the framework of the Week of Culture of Novo Mesto, the Conference will be launched by Antonella Valmorbida – Secretary General of ALDA and Steering Committee member of the Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe. Ms Valmorbida will give participants a comprehensive overview of the significance and importance of the Conference as a unique opportunity for citizens from all over Europe to freely express opinions and suggestions that will shape European policies in the years to come.

Keeping in mind that in 2021 Slovenia is also celebrating 30 years of independence, the conference aims at offering an exchange platform for a fertile discussion on the recent history of the European Union, its past challenges and future perspectives, taking into consideration the key role of citizens in shaping the future of the Union.

A discussion on the recent history of the European Union, its past, challenges and future perspectives

The first project in the spotlight, the - ŽELJA, funded by the Europe for Citizens programme, focuses on the importance of the Schumann Declaration for the constitution of the European Union;  follows the - PERCEPTIONS which is working to identifying and understanding the narratives and (mis)perceptions of the European Union in non-EU countries.  Finally, we will talk about DEVOTE, a project aiming to strengthen the integration of students with migrant background in schools, prevent early school leaving and improve their success in education by providing training, coaching and guidance to teachers.

To join the conference online, register through this link


12:00 -12:15  – Tools and opportunities offered by the Conference on the Future of Europe – Antonella Valmorbida – General Secretary of ALDA and Steering Committee member of the Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe.


12:15 -12:30 – Presentation of the project DESIRE – DEclaration of Schuman: Initiative for Revitalizing Europe. What is the Schumann Declaration and what has been its role in the constitution of the European Community? – Dejan Gluvacevic, Dunav 1245


12:30 -12:45 – Presentation of the project PERCEPTIONS – Identifying and understanding narratives, imaginations and perceptions of the EU – held outside of Europe – and the way they are distributed via various channels, especially social media channels – Celia Charre, Project Manager at ALDA.


12:45 -13:00 – Presentation of the project DEVOTES “Developing the Competencies of Teachers to Integrate Students from Migrant Background into European Schools” project – Eva Trentin – Membership officer at ALDA.

Regionalni sajam najboljih praksi u Skoplju

2. i 3. septembrand and 3rdu hotelu „Continental“ u Skoplju održan je Regionalni sajam najboljih praksi u organizaciji Balkanske mreže za lokalnu demokratiju.. U pitanju je bio hibridni sastanak, sa učesnicima i izlagačima koji su lično prisustvovali, ali i putem Zoom platforme onlajn. Događaju se pridružilo 30 učesnika, zajedno sa govornicima. Ovi drugi su, zahvaljujući prevodiocima, mogli da govore svoje jezike, dajući inicijativi odličnu međunarodnu atmosferu.

Na dnevnom redu bile su prezentacije i diskusije o podacima koji se odnose na nekoliko pitanja, bilo da se radi o lokalnoj samoupravi, učešću, OCD-ima. Štaviše, različite studije slučaja pojedinačnih praksi zajednica u zemljama Zapadnog Balkana (Albanija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Kosovo*, Severna Makedonija, Crna Gora i Srbija) i među 9 zajednica u vezi sa temama kao što su aktivno građanstvo i donošenje odluka. Osim toga, ukupna inicijativa kulminirala je digitalnom aktivnošću u kojoj su učesnici glasali putem svojih telefona, dok su svoje ideje delili putem aplikacije Slido.

Ostvaren je napredak, što je jasno pokazano na sajmu

Osim toga, nalazi koje su predstavili istraživači će se koristiti na nacionalnom i regionalnom nivou kao osnova za dalji razvoj civilnog društva; kao i zalaganje za interese građana na Zapadnom Balkanu. Stoga je uključivanje i informisanje građana, posebno mladih, o lokalnoj samoupravi jedan od ciljeva ove inicijative. Predstavljeno je više primera mobilizacije i promocije vrednosti aktivnog građanstva, kao što su:

  • Podcast za mlade,
  • Inicijativa za vraćanje lokalnih izbora u grad Mostar,
  • promotivni video materijali,
  • Širenje ekološke svesti kroz knjižicu

Sve u svemu, ovaj događaj je pokazao da postoje načini za razmatranje kako obogatiti lokalnu demokratiju, a napredak je postignut, što je jasno pokazano na sajmu. Stoga su istaknute mnoge najbolje prakse, a još mnogo toga tek treba da se uradi.

Ovaj događaj je deo projekta CSOs Networking for Better Local Democracy in the Balkans”, financiran od strane Švedska agencija za međunarodnu razvojnu saradnju (SIDA), a sprovodi Balkanska mreža za razvoj civilnog društva (BCSDN). Događaj je uključio učesnike iz različitih grupa, kao što su OCD, omladinske grupe, članovi BNLD-a, određeni nacionalni akteri itd.