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Despite the many important political changes in African countries during the last period, ALDA’s activities are far from being in decline. This decisive year has shown that ALDA is now a key player in the Maghreb region in the field of local democracy and citizen participation.

In 2020, most of ALDA’s projects in the Maghreb aimed at increasing the participation and inclusion of women and youth in all spheres of their societies, but also at supporting active mobility patterns through participatory methodologies and capacity building of local authorities. ALDA’s contributions in the form of studies, technical assistance and consultation also focused on strengthening the skills of both local authorities and civil society in terms of local democracy, but also on the implementation of decentralisation processes.

Through the Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) active in the region, ALDA has provided constant support to the population and local authorities in the establishment of a permanent dialogue. While in Tunisia this dialogue has been facilitated since 2017 with the establishment of the Kairouan LDA, the first LDA in the region, 2019 saw the opening of an LDA in the northern region of Morocco (based in Tetouan), representing a constant input in 4 municipalities where the LDA has a base. In the following period, ALDA will further expand its scope to the entire African continent through the ALDA MEA – Middle East & Africa Department.


Агентства местной демократии

Activities ongoing


ALDA’s long-term goal for the Middle Eastern and African area is to promote Local Democracy as the key process to achieve sustainable local development, while ALDA and its Local Democracy Agencies are recognised as active and professional actors in the field within the MEA area and beyond. In this, ALDA will use the activities described in the «Европейская поддержка местной демократии»,.

In order to achieve our long-term goal, we are targeting the following objectives:

  • Increase the number of projects implemented in the region contributing to local development through local democracy processes;
  • Create and enlarge the LDAs network and acquire new ALDA Members in MEA region;
  • Become part of the most influential Euro-Med and African international and national networks;
  • Act as an active platform in developing participatory local democracy mechanisms and tools;
  • Develop ALDA’s institutional presence in the region, staff capacities and long-term sustainability of the association
  • Support the sustainable development of local communities
  • Promote cultural exchange and international cooperation
  • Foster processes of decentralisation and development of good local governance

Области деятельности

ALDA has identified several priorities for its work in the Mediterranean area:

  • Decentralisation and capacity-building for local activities;
  • Citizen participation and strengthening of civil society;
  • Women political participation;
  • Socio-economic empowerment of women;
  • Migration and intercultural relations;
  • Professional youth training
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Economic local development and sustainable development
  • Fair and sustainable international cooperation

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Regional strategies

За первые 20 лет своего существования ALDA разработала и усовершенствовала конкретные и целенаправленные стратегии для достижения своей миссии в различных регионах мира.
. Действительно, важно осознавать, что каждый регион имеет свой набор специфических характеристик, являясь результатом исторических, экономических и социальных процессов, что требует определенного подхода.
Ознакомьтесь с нашими региональными стратегиями и узнайте об основных целях и направлениях деятельности, которые мы наметили для поддержки местного участия и партисипативной демократии во всем мире!