Are you a Local Authority, Youth Civil Society Organisation or Association who is sensitive to sustainable food production and consumption patterns and wants to work with young people? You have a chance to get your activity funded by the Food Wave Project!

What is the main objective of the call for proposals?

. Проект Food Wave – co-funded by the EU under the Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR) and promoted by the Municipality of Milan , ActionAid Italia, ACRA, Mani Tese Onlus и 25 project partners in 16 countries, including ALDA – will support grass-root initiatives in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors and involve smaller youth organisations interested in joining the action but lacking the necessary means to do so.

The first call for proposals of the Проект Food Wave was launched and directed to youth-led small Civil Society Organisations promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns to fight climate change, while the second call was addressed to Cities and Municipalities. Now it is time for the third call addressed to Local Authorities, Youth Civil Society Organisations or Associations to support grass-root initiatives in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviours!

Don’t miss your chance to participate, as at least 5 projects will be funded!

Какова основная цель конкурса предложений?

The project will support actions developed by a partnership of Local Authorities, Youth Civil Society Organisations or Associations dealing with the topic of sustainable food consumption and production and targeting young people (15-35 years old).

Toute proposition soumise doit être d'un montant max 15.000 EUR. Each applicant will benefit from a financing of 75% of the total of the action up to a maximum of 11.250,00 € Eur. The budget presented by any submitted proposal must be of max 15.000 EUR (financing of the action up to a maximum of 11.250,00 € Eur) and min 9.600 EUR (financing up to a maximum of 7.200,00 € Eur).

The remaining 25% of the action will be provided by each applicant as co-funding. The financing and co-financing % always remain the same even if the overall cost of the proposed action is lower than 15.000 EUR. The general action carried out by the Applicant can be higher than 15.000 EUR, but in this case the remaining budget of the overall costs of the proposal will be covered with The Applicant’s own financial resources.

Which is the thematic focus of the call?

Each proposed action needs to address the nexus between food and climate change! Different types of activities can be eligible for the sub grant: activities with schools, communication activities, promotion and dissemination activities, awareness raising activities, training, art projects and initiatives, initiatives against food waste etc.

The FOOD WAVE call for proposals will be open until June 16, 2023

When and where can the project be implemented?

The implementation phase will be included between the 1st of July 2023 and the 30th of October 2023. Activities must take place in one of the following EU Member States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK.

Кто может подать заявку?

The project proposals can be presented by a partnership of minimum 2 Local Authorities, Youth Civil Society Organisations or Associations that will work together to build a joint proposal. The small network of organisations will choose a project “leader” that is the one that will send the application.

Как применить?

Read the full call for proposals to have all the information about the call and how to apply!

The call will be open from 13 May to 16 June.

The election for the International Evaluation Committee will take place from 16 June to 29 June.

Here is the link to send your application.

The applicants will receive support by the Food Wave team during the proposal writing process. All the questions related to the present call for proposals and the participation modalities have to be addressed to the following email address:

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