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Food Wave calls for a second round: let's drive change!


Are you a Local Authority who is sensitive to sustainable production and consumption patterns to combat climate change? 

We are looking for you! Lead the change and participate in our call for proposals with your project  idea!


عُقد مشروع موجة الغذاء – co-funded by the EU under the برنامج التوعية من أجل التنمية والتوعية (DEAR) وتم الترويج لها من قبل بلدية ميلانو مع ActionAid Italia و ACRA و Mani Tese و 25 project partners in 16 countries, including ALDA – will support grass-root initiatives in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors and involve smaller youth organizations interested in joining the action but lacking the necessary means to do so.

The first call for proposals of the Food Wave Project was launched and directed to youth-led small Civil Society Organizations promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns to fight climate change. Now it is time for the second call addressed to Cities and Municipalities  to support grass-root initiatives in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors!

What is the main objective of the call of proposal?

The project will support actions developed by Cities and Municipalities committed in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors and targeting young people (15-35 years old).

عُقد مشروع موجة الغذاء  will support grass-root initiatives in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors and involve smaller youth organizations interested in joining the action but lacking the necessary means to do so

What is the main objective of the call of proposal?

Any submitted proposal must be of max 5.000 EUR. Each applicant will benefit from a financing of 75% of the total of the action up to a maximum of 3.750 Eur. The remaining 25% of the action (a minimum of 1.250 Eur) will be provided by each applicant as co-funding. The financing and co-financing % always remain the same even if the overall cost of the proposed action is lower than 5.000 EUR. The general action carried out by the Applicant can be higher than 5.000 EUR, but in this case the remaining budget of the overall costs of the proposal will be covered with The Applicant’s own financial resources. 


ما هي المحاور التي تم التركيز عليها؟

Each proposed action needs to address the nexus between food and climate change! Different types of activities can be eligible for the sub grant: communication activities, promotion and dissemination activities, awareness raising activities, training and learning-by-doing activities, art projects and initiatives, initiatives against food waste etc. 

أين يمكن تنفيذ مثل هذه المشاريع؟

Activities must take place in one of the following EU Member States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK.

كيف يمكن تقديم الترشحات؟

اقرأ كامل دعوة لتقديم مقترحات to have more information about the call and how to apply! The call will be open from February 24th,2022 to March 24th,2022.


Past events & infos

Public presentation of this call: 4th of March at 12:00 CET – answers provided to all your questions!

A first set of questions by the applicants has been received by email by the 3rd of March and the answers have been published on the website.

A second set of questions by the applicants has been received by email by the 18th of March and the answers have been published on the website.


All the questions related to the present call for proposals and the participation modalities have to be addressed to the following email address (Email Food Wave Here!)

Follow Food Wave Facebook و انستغرام صفحات للبقاء محدثة!

#CatchThe Wave and Lead the Change!



Call for proposals – UPDATED

Annex I – budget 

Annex II – Declaration of honour

Annex III – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)           

Ukraine needs YOU: support the Shelter project!

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th 2022, the refugees fleeing Ukraine have reached the number of 3 million (UNHCR). According to the UNHCR, as the situation continues to unfold, many others are expected to be leaving the country soon. As their homes and civil infrastructure objects (including 400 schools) are being destroyed, the population is moving to the West Ukrainian cities and to neighbouring countries, looking for protection, support and a safer place to stay. It represents the fastest-growing humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.

In Ukraine, the situation is increasingly dire and humanitarian needs across the country are multiplying by the hour. UNICEF reports that hundreds of thousands of people are without safe drinking water and many have been cut off from access to other essential services like healthcare and medical supplies. 

Since the beginning of the war, East Europe Foundation (EEF), ALDA’s trustworthy partner in Ukraine, actively supports Ukranians who have been internally displaced, suffering from blockade or military attacks. To help address this humanitarian crisis, EEF launched the Shelter Project. A project whose aim is to build community relief and resilience, while providing emergency support to those who most need it. 

ALDA calls its members and partners to support the Shelter project and help the millions of people in need. 

Working through its network of over 500 local partner NGOs, the Shelter Project focuses on four key components:

  1. Support and supervision to a network of refugees of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) by creating and sustaining new services, and providing necessary resources.
  2. Setup, support and supervise emergency day-care centres for displaced persons’ kids. 
  3. Coordinate assistance to local organisations and volunteer groups, providing emergency support and humanitarian aid to those in need. 
  4. Collect and disseminate information about the needs of displaced people, with the aim of satisfying these needs and enabling a comprehensive response to them.  

To support the Shelter project and in order to facilitate the fundraising for our partners in Europe, ALDA created a specially dedicated bank account exclusively for this purpose. ALDA calls its members and partners to support the Shelter project and help the millions of people in need. 

Click هنا for all the details.


ALDA and the LDAs united to support Ukraine


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, ALDA has been in touch with its colleagues and friends in the Country, especially with the Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) in Dnipro e Mariupol.

Thus, the Association has mobilized its resources, and its network to define ways to support Ukrainian people: from finding reliable accounts for donation, to setting up an internal emergency unit. Despite being in touch through these terrible days, 21 March, marked the first occasion for delegates from Dnipro و Mariupol in Ukraine, and those of مولدوفا, جورجيا و أرمينيا to have a meeting all together and see each other.

 LDAs  expressed their solidarity and will to get closer to their Ukrainian colleagues

It goes without saying that all the LDAs expressed, without hesitation, their solidarity and will to get closer to their Ukrainian colleagues. 

In moments like this, spreading valuable information of what is currently happening in the Country is among the first steps to do in order to make everyone aware of the reality. Ukrainian people are now experiencing. This is why ALDA has always been in touch with colleagues from Dnipo and Mariupol: to provide help, and to share their stories.  

ALDA and the LDAs further stress the importance of working together for democracy, for people’s rights and freedoms. Peace should be never taken for granted.

project ideas

Call 4 project ideas – Apply to receive technical assistance

Following the success of the first edition, we are back with the ALDA’s Call for project Ideas – dedicated to our members only.

Concept and objective stay the same: create synergy with our members, develop new projects together for the good of local communities in Europe, and beyond.

In order to participate, you just need to share with us your project idea: the 3 best proposals will win a technical support in the development of a project!

The technical assistance includes:

  • identifying together the best funding opportunity matching the member’s idea;
  • supporting/providing the search for partners;
  • coaching on the project development, e.g. responding to member’s doubts or questions on issues related to questions of the application form, to budget issues, to portal – related issues;
  • reading and revising the project developed by the member



Download the application form هنا, fill-in all the fields with the description of your project proposal and send it back to membership@alda-europe.eu by June 15،, 2022.

يرجى تحديد هوية الشخص الذي يمكننا الاتصال به, وذلك في حالة وقع الاختيار على مشروعك.

Fill-in the Application form هنا & win a technical assistance!

The proposals must comply with specific requirements:

  • يمكن أن تكون المقترحات مرتبطة بمحاور مختلفة (الاستدامة, الادماج, الشباب إلخ...), ولكن يجب كذلك أن تكون المقترحات مرتبطة بمسائل الحوكمة المحلية عموما.
  • They must have a transnational approach.
  • يجب أن تكون المقترحات مكتوبة باللغة الانجليزية. لا يتم اعتبار أي مقترح ينقصه قسم, أو أقسام, حول البيانات المطلوبة.

After the deadline, ALDA will select the 3 best ideas and, upon verification of feasibility, will offer to the member-applicants a free technical assistance (as specified above), upon agreement that ALDA will be included in the consortium of partners.

نود الإفادة أنه بقبولك المشاركة في هذه الدعوة. فأنت تسمح لألدا بتغيير وتحوير وإعادة صياغة ومواءمة النسخ المقدمة وكذلك استعمال نتيجة عملك للاستجابة الكاملة لالتزاماتك المؤسساتية, وذلك على إثر التواصل مع المؤلف المعني.

If you need more detail or information, please write to alda@alda-europe.eu

تنمنى الحصول على أكبر عدد ممكن من الأفكار وأن تتضافر جهودنا قريبا!


معلومات مفيدة:

N.B.: If you wish to apply to this call you must be an ALDA member, if you are not yet a member, you might consider this possibility.

Click هنا to learn about the benefits of being an #ALDAmember and start the application process! Get in touch with us for further details!

Click هنا and see the winning project proposals of the first edition

Members who have won the technical assistance in the last round, are not entitled to participate to the present round


ALDA Partner at TNOC: join the sessions

The Nature of City Festival (TNOC) is an annual experiment in multidisciplinary collaboration designed to go beyond borders to radically imagine our cities of the future. The Festival, which was developed by the Nature of Cities Organization in collaboration with a wide variety of global stakeholders, is taking place on 29-31 March 2022 and it will engage ALDA as a 2022 edition Partner. It’s a synergy that was born in 2021 during the last edition of the TNOC Festival, through the involvement of the . as one of the main co-organizers, as it brought to the Festival a wide variety of activities and sessions, disseminating the project results and knowledge generated to the broader public.

This year, the agenda of ALDA within the festival is rich in content and events, with a special focus on water, biodiveristyagriculture و climate. Thus, based on the expertise gathered thanks to “Life Beware”, “Life Falkon”, “Capperi” and “Climate of Change”. Experts, students, and each of you can join ALDA in these 3 days of festival! Let’s see how to register

✍️  The registration is free and open to everyone, and you can register to the following link https://tnocfestival2022.sched.com/signup

  • click , at the bottom of the page, on “ACCESS THE FESTIVAL” and use the Password “WELCOME”.
  • Once you are in, remember to select your timezone on the left and then search for the session that you like the most and register

March 29th, 2022 16:00 – 17:30 CEST
Reshaping Cities: How Urban Areas Can Tackle Climate Change

The seed session will focus on the topic of Cities’ resilience to Climate Change and, thanks to the contribution of four projects, it will highlight various ways and best practices in which urban areas can successfully address this issue, in an innovative way.  Starting from the experience of  احذر الحياة , a project co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Programme, and following with the contribution of three other Life Projects, the participants will be able to know the best practices developed within these projects and how they successfully impacted the territory. The whole session will be held by a facilitator and the second part will be more interactive. 

The session will present :

  • Life Beware: The Mayors’ Adapt Strategy and its drafting through an active participatory process;
  •  Life Metro Adapt: The implementation of Nature Based Solutions in the Metropolitan Area of Milan;

  • Life Veneto Adapt: The integration of adaptation measures in existing urban plans such as SEAPs (and convert them to SECAPs);
  • Life Baetulo: The application of an integrated (and multi-hazard) Early Warning System in a city;

The involvement and collaboration of four Life Projects is particularly relevant considering that this year is the 30th year anniversary of the Life Programme


March 30th, 2022 16:00 – 17:30 CEST
Nature Based Solutions for a more resilient territory –  How can Municipalities better implement them?

عُقد LIFE BEWARE project (BEtter Water Management for Advancing Resilient Communities in Europe) promotes the adoption of these sustainable interventions, both in urban and rural areas, through a participatory approach.

The main objective of this workshop is to promote and encourage the replicability of Nature Based Solutions. The workshop is held by Technicians and Professors of the Department of Territory and Agro-Forestal Systems (TESAF) of the University of Padua and it is targeted to EU Municipalities. The goal of the workshop is to teach local administrators how to better implement these measures on their territories, starting from the experience and the best practices of the Life BEware Project.

The workshop will be participatory and will also show videos of the measures implemented.

30 March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.30 CET [Room NORTH-04]
WINGED CITIES 1 –  Birds and the challenges of urban life 

Humans and birds have always lived together. However, if some species are wonderfully adapted to urban life, this also exposes them to pollution and other problems. Starting from the lesser kestrel case, this workshop will shed light on the challenges of urban life that birds are exposed to together with a set of world-recognized experts on the topic.


31st March 2022 | 11.30-12.30 CET  [Room NORTH-05]
WINGED CITIES 2 – Practical issues for bird-friendly cities

During this session, we will discuss with NGOs and experts strategies and practical solutions for creating bird-friendly cities, starting from the LIFE FALKON action to improve lesser kestrels conservation.

Relevant speakers will contribute to the discussion together with the project partners CNR-IRSA Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di Ricerca sulle Acque و HOS/BirdLife – Hellenic Ornithological Society

As an examples: Juan Josè Negro  from CSIC-EBD, Davide Dominoni من جامعة غلاسكو ، دان تشامبرلين من جامعة تورين. Dan Chamberlain from Turin Universit and Martin Gaetlich from Hellenic Ornithological Society

29th March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.30 CET
Theatre and urban regeneration: the Silent Play with LaPiccionaia

Skills session: Can theater contribute to the regeneration of the cities, fostering the perception of the territory as a Common Good? Let’s discover Silent Play, a project of itinerant performances developed by La Piccionaia, in which places become the subject of a shared experience.

Silent Play is created through a participatory creative process which engages the local communities and their relationship with the territory, improving it in terms of belonging and care. Through the example of CAPPERI project, we will see how Silent Play can be used as an educational tool, especially when it comes to youth, to foster their engagement in the regeneration of places, in a vision of social and environmental sustainability.


29th March 2022 | 16.00 – 17.30 CET
Skills and competences for sustainability in agriculture with IRS

During this skill session IRS, one of the partners of the CAP-PERI project, will debate with participants on the main competencies for sustainability with a particular focus on the agricultural field and the Common Agricultural Policy. A specific focus will be dedicated to how social research methodologies can be used to increase competencies and skills on sustainability in the agricultural field.

29th March 2022 | 16.00 – 17.30 CET
Learning Bubbles with ReplayNetwork

Presentation of a methodological system aimed at re-establishing the conditions of equity in students’ access to teaching, with a cooperative pedagogical approach between different educational actors and involving complementary and outdoor learning spaces such as urban community gardens, through the setting up of Learning Bubbles.

30th March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.30 CET
Tips for a more sustainable student lifestyle with CESIE 

From high school to university: how can students and other internal stakeholders of educational environments support sustainable behaviours and practices aiming to reduce negative impact on earth. During this session we present and discuss EU initiatives and participants’ experiences:

  • CAPPERI educational activities in school to raise awareness regarding the role of agriculture in local society
  • UNI-ECO practical and collaborative tools for sustainable development in university campus
  • Cre-think Co-creative RETHINKing for sustainable cities


30th March 2022 | 16.00 – 17.30 CET
Organic farming and the importance of the Mediterranean diet in the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases with ISBEM 

This session will underline the importance of organic farming, technologies, development of rural areas and lifestyle changes, including the adoption of Mediterranean Diet, to favorably affect blood pressure, hypertension, diet-associated metabolic disorders, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, which may be important risk factors for the pathogenesis of other diseases including metabolic syndrome and cancer. 



29th March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.00 CET:
Community gardens of Palermo: the countryside in the city with CESIE

Palermo in recent years has seen numerous community gardens flourish, precious spaces not only for the production of genuine vegetables and fruit, but also spaces for social inclusion and urban regeneration. Through a brief urban exploration, we will find the countryside in the city of Palermo.


30th March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.00 CET
Urban Gardens in Rome
 with ReplayNetwork

Virtual tour of some Urban Gardens of Rome (Orti Tre Fontane, Orti Urbani Garbatella, Orti coop. Garibaldi, ecc).

31th March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.00 CET
South Milan Agricultural Park: places and activities
with IRS 

The South Milan Agricultural Park is a green belt around Milan that includes 61 municipalities. It was established in 1990 thanks to an important movement of associations and groups of volunteers. But also thanks to intellectuals, administrators and over 1.400 cropping farms working in it to preserve, safeguard, and enhance the productive, natural and historical heritage of Milan countryside. It is 47,000 hectares wide, and it comprises different areas such as agricultural land proper and peripheral boroughs of Milan. The Park’s territory is dotted with rural villages, farmhouses, abbeys and a rich network with natural waterways, canals and a rural road system. Due to its extension, the virtual tour will focus only on one part of the Park; presenting places and activities related to the CAPPERI project topic.


31th March 2022 | 11.00 – 12.00 CET
Urban and rural: the Carpaneda area in Vicenza with LaPiccionaia

Virtual tour of the periurban area of Carpaneda in Vicenza: a surviving agricultural area, wedged between the urban centres of Vicenza and Creazzo, surrounded by industrial sites and open, to the north, to the hills and mountains of Lessinia.

The perfect place to frame a key topic, such as the relationship and interchange between the urban and the rural dimension. In more the need to develop and promote a “culture of agriculture” open to all citizens, related to food, health, safeguarding of biodiversity and rural landscape, and adaptation of the territory to the challenges posed by the climate change. A place CAPPERI project has chosen for its high educational value, especially for the younger generations.

31th March 2022 | 16.00 – 17.00 CET
Virtual Tour of Social and Urban Gardens in Mesagne
with ISBEM

During the festival, you will also have the opportunity to discover about “Climate of Change” through many activities, such as micro talks about the campaign and the petition, discover a documentary entitled “Silenced realities”, to see how environmental sustainability helps us  reimagine the cities through field trips and highlight the changes needed during a seed session. By participating in the TNOC festival, we hope to emphasize even more how a change in our societies and cities can lead to an improvement of the environment. Meanwhile, have your impact and sign the petition “End Climate Change, Start a Climate of Change!”

Last but not least, the sessions will all be translated in 18 languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tamil. Participants can choose which language they want to read and can also choose a spoken voice to listen to the translation.

The Nature of Cities Festival offers free participation to the three days of the festival in order to guarantee inclusivity, if you enjoy it and its organization there are many ways in which you can actively support it, check them here

If you wish to know more about each project, please do not hesitate to check their website:  احذر الحياةCapperiLife Falkon و .


اتفاقية الحقوق على البحر األبيض المتوسط: ALDA في باليرمو لحضور حفل التوقيع


Palermo hosts the signing ceremony of the “Convention of Rights on the Mediterranean Sea” on Saturday 19 March 2022. أنتونيلا فالموربيدا, ALDA Secretary General, will be among the keynote guests at the event.

بنا ًء على التزام المنظمات غير الحكومية اإليطالية والسلطات المحلية ، بقيادة بلدية باليرمو ، تضم االتفاقية عدًدا كبي ًرا من الجهات الفاعلة. وبشكل أكثر تحديدًا ، فهي تناضل من أجل فضاء متوسطي مشترك ، ناتج عن التزام 5 مجموعات مواضيعية مختلفة تركز على: اإليقاع ؛ الصحة؛ المعرفة والتعليم؛ االقتصاد والموارد والعمل ؛ الغذاء والماء.

تعد المشاركة في حفل التوقيع تأكي ًدا إضافيًا على الدور االستراتيجي واالستباقي للجمعية في المنطقة

في ضوء ذلك، ساهمت ALDA في تبادل خبراتها خاصة فيما يتعلق بمبادرات دائرة "الشرق األوسط وأفريقيا". وهكذا، فإن الرابطة منخرطة بعمق في منطقة البحر األبيض المتوسط ، من خالل إنشاء وتنفيذ سلسلة من المشاريع التي تهدف إلى تمكين المرأة ، والتنقل المستدام ، ومشاركة المواطنين.

أخي ًرا، تشارك ALDA بنشاط في العديد من الشبكات العاملة في منطقة البحر األبيض المتوسط ، من أجل ازدهارها. لذلك، فإن االنضمام إلى هذا الحفل هو تأكيد إضافي على الدور االستراتيجي واالستباقي للجمعية في المنطقة.


معلومات مفيدة:

مشاريع في منطقة البحر األبيض المتوسط: Municivil – Municivile, Autrement Autrement, Municivile – Municivil

Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, has been released

During this dark hour for Europe, we can share some positive news – the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, has been freed yesterday from captivity. ALDA celebrates this news together with Melitopol and all of Ukraine.

The abduction of Ivan Fedorov, however, is not the first case of attacks at the democratically elected representatives of Ukrainian local governments.

On March 11, the Russian army abducted Vasyl Mytko (the head of Nikolske); on March 13, the head of Dniprorudne Yevhen Matvyeyev and the head of the Melitopol rayon council Serhiy Pryima had been kidnapped. Yesterday, the mayor of the Velykoburlutska community, Viktor Tereschenko, has been abducted, and unfortunately, the kidnappings continue.

Many mayors, heads of municipalities, and regions all over Ukraine are threatened for fulfilling their democratically assigned duties, and courageously serving their country under the hardest possible conditions. As a European Association for Local Democracy, we strongly condemn Russian attacks on the local governments of Ukraine and call for European local government leaders to publicly support their Ukrainian counterparts.

We recognise the LEADING ROLE PLAYED BY MAYORS AND Local GOVERNMENTS IN in the  WAR IN UKRAINE. They are at the front and do not give up. Local government and local governance with civil society show the importance of local democracy as a back bone of the resilience of democracy in Ukraine and in other crisis.

#ALDAforUkraine #WeStandWithUkraine #StandWithUkraine

ALDA at the 42nd Congress’ Session – March 22nd -24th in Strasbourg

Photo credits: www.coe.int

عُقد 42و Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will take place from March 22و to 24،, 2022, at the Palais de l’Europe, in Strasbourg (France).

Being ALDA an emanation of the Congress and a very close partner of the Congress and the Council of Europe as a whole, the Association will be present during the 3 day-event and will take actions at different levels.

Indeed, while ALDA will have a stand at the Council of Europe’s premises showcasing its activities, with a particular focus on two projects, namely . و Gem in.

The former has the objective to raise awareness about climate change and climate-induces migration among young generations, while the latter – Gem in – wants to support intercultural education at school and in non-formal youth environments as a vehicle to foster social inclusion, cross-cultural dialogue, and active citizenship.

The 42ns Congress’ Session will also represent the occasion to celebrate ALDA’s 20 years of activities, at the very same place of its creation in 1999

On the other hand, the whole event will be attended in person by ALDA Secretary General Antonella Valmorbida, participating to the dense agenda.

On the afternoon of March 22و, a session on the situation in Ukraine is planned, during which the Ukrainian President, Mr Zelenski has been invited to take the floor by video conference.

Other key moments on the agenda will be the reports on the application of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The 42ns Congress’ Session will also represent the occasion to celebrate ALDA’s 20 years of activities, at the very same place of its creation in 1999, the Council of Europe, after the pandemic imposed to celebrate online in 2020.

The celebration will then culminate in a lunch meeting at the Residence of the Italian Ambassador to the Council of Europe during the Italian Presidency.


تمكين مجتمعات المهاجرين والسلطات المحلية - مشروع SHAPE قيد التنفيذ


From the 2nd to the 4th of March ALDA hosted the launch event of the project SHAPE – SHaring Actions for Participation and Empowerment of migrant communities and LAs. The meeting was organised by ألدا, as project coordinator, with the support of We World, co-leader.

وكان الهدف من االجتماع هو وضع الجدول الزمني للمشروع ، وتحديد المراحل القصيرة والمتوسطة المدى ودور ومسؤوليات كل شريك.

ركز اليوم األول على تقديم االتحاد وشركاء المشروع ، الذين شاركوا مهمة منظماتهم وأنشطة المشروع التي يشاركون فيها والخبرات التي ستساعد في تحقيق قيمة مضافة لـ SHAPE

بدأ اليوم الثاني بجلسة مالية مخصصة لوضع قواعد اإلبالغ واإلجراءات والمواعيد النهائية وتقديم النماذج الالزمة من قبل ALDA بعد ذلك ، عُقدت مائدة مستديرة تم فيها عرض جميع المهام المختلفة من حيث: اإلجراءات، المواعيد النهائية، النتائج المتوقعة والشركاء المعنيين.

كان الهدف من االجتماع هو تحديد الجدول الزمني لمشروع SHAPE

وخصصت فترة بعد الظهر للعمل الجماعي ، من خالل جداول عمل تتناسب مع عدد المهام. كانت هناك نوبتان مدة كل واحدة ساعة واحدة ثم لحظة لمشاركة ما ظهر في كل مجموعة. ناقشت كل مجموعة المهمة واألنشطة ذات الصلة ، وتحديد أدوار ومسؤوليات كل شريك ؛ تحديد المشاكل والحلول الممكنة ؛ استراتيجيات التنفيذ؛ الخطوات التالية.

أتاح هذا التمرين توضيح إجراءات المشروع والمواعيد النهائية والنتائج المتوقعة. ولكن ، قبل كل شيء ، كان من الممكن خلق تآزر بين الشركاء وروح الفريق ، وتعزيز مشاركتهم.

Finally, on the last day WeWorld presented the communication activities of the project and a possible communication and dissemination strategy.

يناقش الشركاء بالفعل الهوية المرئية للمشروع والمطالبة والشعار. سيتم نشر الموقع في األشهر المقبلة.

عقد االجتماع في شكل مختلط شارك (HU (Artemissizio والشركاء اإليطاليون مثل CONNGI و WeWorld في الحضور. شارك الباقي عبر اإلنترنت بسبب حالة كوفيد وأوكرانيا.