A new project for ALDA in the MED area

نوفمبر 27, 2012

Good governance

ALDA was granted a new project within the Citizens Exchange Programme of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The programme aims to stimulate the exchange between civil society organisations and to support exchange of people for grassroots expertise, fieldwork actions and awareness campaigns in the Euro-Med region. The main focus is on projects related to the core Anna Lindth themes: dialogue, diversity, democracy and development.

In this framework, ALDA will start an exchange with the organisation Lam Echaml from Tunisia. From January to March 2013, ALDA and Lam Echaml will exchange their interns in order to intensify joint cooperation, which have already been established in the previous projects. ALDA’s intern Vesna Dolinšek will join the Lam Echaml team in Tunis and Cheima Ben Hmida from Lam Echaml will support our implementation office in Strasbourg.
This exchange represents a great opportunity for ALDA to strengthen and give further concreteness to its cooperation efforts in the area, to establish new partnerships and to contribute to a stronger citizens’ participation, decentralisation and civil society empowerment in the Med area.