ALDA at the “Milano Digital Week”

مارس 31, 2021

Digital & innovation

Our members, partners and followers know very well how “active involvement of citizens” in the development and maintenance of democracy is a crucial aspect in ALDA mission. Nonetheless, ALDA is very conscious of the challenges that every citizen, every local community has to face. That is why, when developing its projects, it has a clear vision on which objectives have to be achieved in order to sow seeds of change. 

In light of this, the growing presence of technology has an undeniable impact in our lives and affects the way of living of each of us, citizens of the so-called digital era.

Therefore, on March 18th, our Secretary General Antonella Valmorbida actively joined the online event promoted by the Metropolitan City of Milan: Milano Digital Week, so that to share ALDA experience and vision in this realm. 

It comes by itself, that when discussing technology and digital tools one cannot forget to mention the APProach project. Lead by ALDA and in partnership with the city of Milan, APProach is a pilot project targeting European mobile citizens, i.e. EU citizens resident in another EU country, to help them have better communication with their welcoming city. Among the main project’s achievements, we have to mention the development of a digital ecosystem aimed to assist and support EU mobile citizens in getting acquainted with their new city and have access to fundamental services. Such a platform has been developed following a participative approach, thanks to the active participation of EU mobile citizens and our partner cities, namely Etterbeek (Belgium), Milan (Italy), Nea Smyrni (Greece), Paris (France), Vejle (Denmark), Lisbon (Portugal), Amsterdam (Netherlands) & Warsaw (Poland). (more in the project here).

“The development of democracy is the development of the city itself”

Entitled “APProach: European Citizens, digital and participation”, the Milano Digital Week panel took place virtually last Thursday. At the very beginning, Mr. Lipparini, Councillor for Participation, Active Citizenship, Open Data; together with Mr. Maurizio Molinari, Head of the European Parliament Office in Milan and Mrs. Roberta Cocco, Councillor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services gave their opening remarks, while highlighting the great example of the APProach project when discussing digitalisation on a broad scale.

Furthermore, Mrs. Emanuala Vita from the City of Milan also recalled the importance of dialogue among the six cities involved in the project,as well as citizens’ participation for the success of APProach. Similarly, Mr. Paolo Sabatini mentioned how the European motto “united in diversity” is an inspiring guide in making the lives of the many internationals in Milan more accessible: the city is boosting the digitalisation of services so that to be closer to its citizens.

Finally, this event served as a great platform for sharing ideas, perceptions and experiences on the relationship among city, citizens and local realities. As mentioned by ALDA Secretary General, is it important to underline that “the development of democracy is the development of the city itself and as well as its participation”. These three aspects are interrelated and as shown by the APProach project, being part of the city may be facilitated by the digital tools. This is why such projects are today essential for the development of an active and participatory society.

Precious food for thought was also given by:

  • Anna Lisa Boni (Segretaria generale di EUROCITIES)
  • Leda Guidi (Fondazione Innovazione Urbana Bologna)
  • Edoardo Montenegro (Creative Business Cup)
  • Jacopo Rangone (PC4U)

To watch the online event click here (italian only)