ALDA sponsored the participation of two students from Vicenza to the summer week of the European Federalist Movement of Veneto Region

يوليو 30, 2012

Good governance

The office of ALDA in Italy, located in Vicenza, initiated this year a fruitful cooperation with the Regional branch of the European Federalist. ALDA sponsored two scholarships to students of the College Pigafetta of Vicenza. The students could therefore take part in the Summer Week of the European Federalist in Neumarkt, Austria (from the 30th of July to the 5th of August). They won a concourse on European issues, which was disseminated during the spring of this year.
In the picture: Castle Forchtenstein, the “Europahaus” in Neumarkt (Austria), venue of the Summer Week
The Summer Week gives the opportunity to 35 young students to get acquainted with the challenges of Europe today (see the programme attached). This edition is the 14th promoted by the Regional branch of the EF. In the present situation, this event represents a very valuable experience to better understand difficulties and opportunities in Europe, from a political, social and economic point of view. The students would then be able to develop a critical view on the European issues. The Director of ALDA, Antonella Valmorbida, is in charge of the animation one of the days. She will raise the attention on the issues followed by ALDA and the LDAs, like local governance and citizens’ participation in Europe and in Neighbouring countries.
This workshop will be followed in September with the annual event of the European Federalists in Ventotene, where ALDA will be present with its President, Oriano Otocan, and two representatives from Croatia. ALDA will support three sponsorship for Croatian representatives, in view of the future membership to the EU.