Autrement project: a different start from most

يوليو 02, 2020

Citizens engagement Linked project:

We recently told you about it. In fact, the AUTREMENT Project – Urban and Territorial Planning to Reinvent Mobilities and Engage Tunisian Citizens – officially started on June 1st of this year, in a very unique way, as the world was gently getting out of the lockdown.

The project is the result of a partnership between local authorities of the cities of Strasbourg (France), Kairouan and Mahdia (Tunisia) and ALDA, with the support of the European Union. It aims at coping with something more topical than ever – sustainable urban mobility and planning – for a period of two and a half years. The municipalities of both cities, Kairouan and Mahdia, which is located about 100 km from Kairouan, will work together with a large consortium of civil society organisations, including ALDA, the CODATU Association and the CEREMA research centre. The project will, in addition, rely on the expertise and local roots of the Local Democracy Agency Tunisia.

The initiative is made up of several micro-projects (7 in Kairouan and 3 in Mahdia) to renovate and better develop both cities at the local and urban level, which had been previously identified by the municipalities through citizen consultations and are meant to long-term improve the daily lives of Tunisians by continuing to engage and mobilise them for their city.

Despite the unusual circumstances dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, all the stakeholders involved in the AUTREMENT Project have already started working on it ahead of the official project launch, which is expected by the fall of this year.