Canva as a bridge to the path of social inclusion

نوفمبر 30, 2020

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA worked on the project IMPACT – Inclusion matters!, implementing its activities, including local youth, foreigners residing in the country and the diligent hands of young children. In fact, we were working on a mutual message that was sent by drawing a picture on a canva.

“Art is one of the most important and powerful ways to get involved in society”

The process of art stimulates emotional and cognitive development, enabling the creation of connections as well as reducing destructive behavior in people, regardless of their attitudes. Through art and expression, in particular through a picture we provided to the participants when organizing local workshops, our goal was to enable social inclusion and active involvement of local youth as well as inclusion of those who left their country and decided to continue living in our country, crossing through the risks and the fears of the unknown.

By organizing more activities of this kind, we strive to move forward to animate citizens with a different spectrum, offering opportunities for social inclusion, by overcoming social prejudices, acquiring skills, techniques, and also learning about new cultures and traditions.

Art is one of the most important and powerful ways to get involved in society. Involvement is important!

Author: Lela Jurukova, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA