Coffee with the President in Niksic

يونيو 20, 2021

Good governance

On June 11ͭ ͪ 2021, a local activity “Coffee with the President” was realized in Niksic, in which the President of the Municipal Assembly, Mr Nemanja Vukovic, participated. The event was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Niksic, as well as the of state institutions, the NGO sector, entrepreneurs, representatives of the academic community and media and interested citizens. More in details, among the citizens and participants there were:

  • 5 representatives of the Municipality of Niksic,
  • 2 representatives of state institutions,
  • 15 representatives of the NGO sector,
  • 8 representatives of the media and
  • 1 representative of entrepreneurs.

Promoting a culture of dialogue and solidarity in the Municipality of Niksic

The event was of an interactive type and all participants have joined in the discussion. The topics discussed were related to the resolution of the issue of unemployment in the Municipality of Niksic and proposals for solving this problem and improving the transparency of the work of the Municipality, while promoting a culture of dialogue and solidarity. In addition to the topics envisaged by the agenda, participants initiated a conversation on topics related to environmental protection, out of the politic in local communities, the position of the Roma and Egyptians populations, cultural creativity and the like.

Over 50 questions were asked and more than 20 initiatives and 10 proposals to solve current problems, which are burdening the citizens of Niksic were sent. The President of the Municipal Assembly answered all the questions; while promising that he would consider all initiatives and proposals to work together. A model of future cooperation between the city and the civil sector and citizens has been agreed, preconditions have been created for good cooperation between representatives of the NGO sector, citizens and decision-makers.

This initiative was part of the VALID Project