Decentralised cooperation between Lower Normandy and North Macedonia: meeting of the French partners

فبراير 09, 2012

Good governance

On 25 January 2012, the French partners in the Decentralised cooperation between Lower Normandy and North Macedonia met in Caen to discuss the progress of planned activities in year 2012. The participants discussed the standard six components of the cooperation, as well as the topics of human rights and town twinning.
The meeting of the Macedonian partners will take place on February 16 in Skopje.
According to planned activities, next spring will offer many events. Various conferences, study visits and trainings will be held, both in Lower Normandy and in North Macedonia. For more information on the planned actions in the framework of the Decentralised cooperation between the Lower Normandy Region and Republic of North Macedonia please consult the Action Plan 2011- 2012 in French and Macedonian.
For further information please consult the webpage of the Cooperation