Fourth year of the cooperation – strengthening and sharing ideas for regional development and interculturalism

سبتمبر 16, 2011

Good governance

The steering committee regarding the cooperation between Normandy and the Republic of North Macedonia was held from September 12 to 15 in Ohrid. During this annual meeting of Macedonian and French partners all participants had an opportunity to participate in the workshops, meetings and discussions regarding the past four years of the project and consider future activities.
The components’ tandems analysed their activities separately and shared their impressions with all stakeholders. The possibilities and opportunities for participation and responding to calls for European projects were also studied, such as networking for lobbying in order to represent the interests of the cooperation at the European institutions. The priorities of the cooperation are support of the regional development and municipalities, development of the cooperation in relation to the Balkans and Caucasus, but also, for the first time, economic development.
The Programme for decentralised cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and Republic of North Macedonia is coordinated by ALDA, the Association of Local Democracy Agencies. For further information please consult the webpage of the Cooperation