LDA Kosovo Partner Meeting in Yalova, Türkiye

فبراير 10, 2011

Good governance

LDA Kosovo Partner Meeting will take place in Yalova, Türkiye, on the 11th – 12th February 2011.
The meeting will discuss some relevant topics emerged during the last partner meeting, held in Peja/Pec in August 2010 on the occasion of the signature of the Preliminary Partner Agreement.
The partner meeting will be attended by all partners’ representatives, and for ALDA by Mr. Dobrica Milovanovic (Vice-president of ALDA) and by Mrs Antonella Valmorbida (Director of ALDA).

The partner meeting will last two days, half a day will be fully dedicated to the knowledge of the international and local activities of the Municipality of Yalova aimed at the local development, at the European integration, at the youth empowerment and at the presentation of the activities that the Municipality wants to carry out in Kosovo. In this regard, a meeting is scheduled with the Mayor of Yalova and with the representatives of the relevant Municipality offices.

The City of Yalova was choose to host the partner meeting for a number of reasons. The idea of promoting it in one of the partners’ communities will grant an added value to the meeting. Moreover, the Municipality of Yalova is the last partner that joined the partnership, and it is really important for all the other partners to know better its local community.

Furthermore, on the 29th of October, the Municipality of Yalova and the Municipality of Peja/Pec signed a twinning agreement that is the result of the bilateral relations between the two Municipalities started during the last LDA Kosovo partner meeting.
To conclude, this activity will be a precious opportunity to give visibility to the newly re-launched LDA Kosovo and to continue the discussion among all the partners.