Resilient together: a free ALDA membership for municipalities

نوفمبر 17, 2020

Good governance

Differently from what all of us was hoping to, the covid-19 emergency has not stopped and neither slowed down. On the opposite, with the cold season coming up, the number of positive cases has started to rise again precipitously all over the globe.

For this reason, which already pushed ALDA to offer a number of free memberships to Municipalities highly affected by the crisis, we decided to postpone the deadline and continue our action of support to local communities.

Indeed, we highly encourage Local Authorities – which are not yet members of ALDA – to apply and benefit from a one-year free membership!

“We postponed the applications’ deadline to continue our action of support to local communities”

During our 20 years of activity and thanks to our network counting hundreds of municipalities from all the Union and its Neighbourhood, ALDA could testify how important is for local authorities to enter an international network and establish contacts with different, yet similar, cities and associations.

We strongly believe that partnership is the key ingredient to ensure innovation and prosperity to local communities and that’s what ALDA has been promoting and acting for since its creation.

Being a European Association developing projects and building bridges between civil society and local authorities to find shared solutions to local problems, ALDA wants to assist municipalities as much as possible especially in such a critical moment.


Municipalities wishing to apply to this call are requested to fill in the registration form by December 31st, 2020, including precise information regarding:

  • number of inhabitants
  • number of infected people
  • number of COVID-19-related deaths
  • main affected sectors (education, tourism, agriculture, industry…)

You will also be requested to upload a text file describing at least one example of good practice that the Municipality has put in place in order to contain and fight the disease and the social and medical effects of it – highlighting, if possible, the cooperation that was established with the local Civil Society.

Let’s #stayEUnited and be resilient, together!


To have an overview of ALDA membership’s benefits, READ THE NEWS of the previous call for applications