Second meeting of the European Year of Citizens Italian Alliance: “Working with local authorities for local democracy”

نوفمبر 15, 2012

Good governance

ALDA is one of the main European Civil Society Associations that promoted the “Civil Society Alliance for the European Year on active citizenship 2013”, with the support of the European Economic and Social Committee.
For the Alliance, active citizenship means primarily active involvement of citizens as participation in the life of their communities, and thus in democracy, in terms of activity and decision-making.
The launch of the European Alliance will officially be in Brussels on the 17th of December.
ALDA, as promoter of the Alliance, is launching its activities in France, Croatia and Italy.

In Rome, on the 14th of November, was held the second and very important meeting of the Italian Alliance for the European Year of Citizens 2013.
Forty organisations participated, invited by the coordinators, ALDA/CIME and Third Sector Forum. The meeting was hosted by Centre of Research Eurispes.

The Alliance confirmed its strategy to be strongly involved in the European Year of Citizens together with the European Alliance. The Italian Declaration was substantially approved and it focuses on Local Democracy and work with local authorities, mentioning the need for them to engage in a dialogue with civil society (art 118, Italian Constitution).
The Alliance agreed also on a methodology of work next year to promote 1000 events, with all the NGOs networks involved. These events will be recognised as activities of the group with a certain Label.
Furthermore, a set of high profile events have already been identified. The Group will be working with the support of a Steering Committee composed of representatives of NGOs chairing thematic working groups.
A particular effort will be paid to involve Association of Local and Regional Authorities as well as to engage, with different means including social networks, the citizens and the community.
An official launch of the Alliance will be sent in Rome in December with the final definition of the Agenda and the launch of the activities and organisation.