The Code on Good Practice will be presented to the members of Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

مارس 21, 2012

Good governance

In order to introduce the Code of Good Practices to Congress’ members and collect also some of their experiences in terms of citizens’ participation, a seminar will take place in Strasbourg during the Spring Congress session (22 March 2012 – 12.30-14-30 – Room 6).
The seminar is organizsed by the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe, The Congress of the Local and Regional Authorities and by ALDA.
Objectives of the meeting are to introduce the Code to the members of the Congress, to collect their good practice in citizens’ participation, to identify possible further dissemination and use of the Code at the local level and to set up a group of “leading” local authorities, partners with the Conference of the INGOs, in promoting the Code.

The Agenda of the seminar foresee:

  • Introduction to the meeting by Mr Raymond Svensson, member of the Swedish Delegation to the Congress and experienced in the implementation of the Code in Sweden
  • Contribution of the President of the Conference of the INGOs,
  • Mr Jean Marie Heydt
  • Contribution of the Chair of The Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee, Conference of INGOs, Mrs. Anne Marie Chavanon
  • Presentation of the Code and the activity of the Conference of the INGOs of the Council of Europe, Mrs Antonella Valmorbida, coordinator of the dissemination of the Code and Director of the Association of the Local Democracy Agencies.
  • Round table on experiences from participants

For further info on the Code please click here