The contribution of city diplomacy to solve Europe’s problems. Final conference project Intact

نوفمبر 11, 2011

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Reacting to the economic and governance crisis that is sweeping Europe with negative effects, due to the narrowing of public spending, directly for the citizens, who are losing the necessary social services that local and regional authorities are struggling to provide.
It’s a task that hosts, everywhere in Europe and in the neighbourhood, civil society and local authorities, such as companies and business associations.
On these issues, the project INTACT, “International Network of Towns – Active citizenship and Town Twinning”, promoted by ALDA and funded by the European Commission, has organised his final policy making meeting, that will take place in Venice (16 and 17 November, Russot Hotel, San Giuliano) bringing together international experts, local officials and civil society associations from seven countries.

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The problem is global and the solutions must be found from the territory, gradually involving the local, national and finally the European institutions.
The harmonious development of the Community as a whole and the strengthening of economic, social and territorial cohesion imply, therefore, the strengthening of transnational territorial cooperation.
The exchange of experiences and good practices and the raising awareness of all stakeholders are targets of several EC programs, primarily the “Europe for Citizens”.
As a part of this programme, the INTACT project, lasting two years, has seen the organisation of numerous events and activities in many European countries, as international workshops, local activities, a Summer School on the themes of active citizenship, local economic initiatives and international relations between local authorities.
These activities have strengthened the link between the twenty partners of the project (NGOs and local authorities) from seven countries, particularly involved in the theme of citizen participation, promotion of European values and integration process.
The Venice event is organised in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the main economic actors of the Veneto Region, Eurosportello Unioncamere, CIA, the Italian Confederation of Farmers, CAN, National Confederation of Crafts, Legacoop, the Association of Cooperatives.
During the meeting, the traditional concept of town twinning will be analysed and compared with the new concept of City Diplomacy and the practices of private sector involvement in international relations between local authorities. Workshops will explore these issues, giving to the participants the opportunity to join the discussion.
Representatives of the Education Agency of European Commission, Local Authorities engaged on citizens’ diplomacy and Working Group on Twinning of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions will attend the meeting in Venice, as well as representatives of Italian Regions, Provinces and Municipalities.
The conference will be opened by Andrea Ferrazzi, Municipality of Venice, Department of Education Councillor, Antonella Valmorbida, Director of ALDA, and Anna Cozzoli EACEA (European Commission).
ALDA is a European network that gathers local authorities and civil society organisations engaged in the development of local democracy and citizen participation.