“The European and our affairs“, new ALDA and LDA Zavidovici project on EU Enlargement process

سبتمبر 25, 2012

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The European and Our Affairs

ALDA, in cooperation with LDA Zavidovici, is starting a realisation of a new project, titled „The European and Our Affairs“. The project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a part of IPA 2011 – Information and Communication Programme.
The activites will be located at municipalities Zavidovici and Zepce, and the subject who will benefit from his project include the local civil society, citizen groups, local community members, local media and public at large.

Some of the project objectives would be helping to raise awareness on EU enlargement process and pre-accession assistance aimed to support the reform process at local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina; to improve public understanding of the benefits of EU integration; to promote tangible results of EU pre-accession assistance; to help reinforce the role of civil society in the public dialogue on EU accession agenda and to strenghten the local ownership over the reform and EU integration process.
The main activities of the project include an opening conference on the topic „EU integration – a dialogue for the future“ in Zavidovići, two training seminars for CSO-s and local authorities on EU integration and pre-accession assistance; a training seminar for local media titled „EU Integration: prejudices and myth-buster“, and a Youth for EU campaign including a EU quiz in secondary schools and EU Ambassadors’ visits.
Through these activities, it is expected to achieve improved public awareness and knowledge of actual benefits of EU integration, increased information provision about the effects of EU funded projects, improved outreach and information dissemination on EU integration issues, increased number of cross-sectoral partnerships and issue based networking for underpinning reform process, and improved public dialogue for common understanding of EU values.
The first scheduled activity of the project is the opening conference which will be held on October 10th 2012 in Zavidovici.