The Festival Théâtres Nomades to stress the importance of climate and environment

أغسطس 25, 2022

Environment & climate

On August 19 and 20, 2022 in Brussels at Bois de la Cambre, ALDA took part in the Festival Théâtres Nomades and it was a big success

Mainly dedicated to street arts and theater, the Festival “Théâtres Nomades”  was also an eclectic moment open to NGOs and associations to share their work and projects in an interactive way. Invited by Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus, Head of the Belgium Branch of the Anna Lindh Foundation, ALDA had a stand to promote its values and initiatives such as as the project: Climate of Change

The participation in the festival was a great opportunity to exchange with a broad range of audiences, including youngsters and climate activists in a festive atmosphere. It gave us the chance to present the commitment of ALDA to safeguarding the environment and to raising awareness about climate change.

ALDA took part in the Festival Théâtres Nomades to raise awareness on environment

The Climate of Change project underlines the link between climate change and migration, advocating for a more specific protection scheme for climate migrants. It also fosters the importance of involvement and participation of young people in policy making since they will face the worst effects of the climate crisis. If you haven’t done it yet we invite you to sign the petition which aims to put the topic on the political agenda and ask for actions from EU institutions.

Thanks to ALDA’s interactive questionnaire on European processes and values, colleagues from the Brussels office stimulated the public’s curiosity and engaged an interesting debate about climate change and the European Union. The approval and support of the people was clear and evident since many signatures were finally collected

The festival was a great chance to show the engagement of ALDA for the environmental cause underlining the solutions it is trying to promote with its projects. Furthermore, it was also an important moment of interaction with people and supporters of ALDA’s work and mission.