The role of LAs and CSOs in promoting social and migrants’ inclusion and gender equality discussed during the final event of Stand.Up

يناير 18, 2012

Good governance Linked project:

The Minister for Home and Parliamentary Affairs in Malta, Mr Carmelo Misfud Bonnici, attended to the final event of the project “STAND.UP: Strengthening Twinning and Networking for Development Agreements. United in Partnership” that has been held in Malta (16-17 January 2012).
The International Conference “Social Integration and Gender Equality through a Good Local Governmental System” has seen the participation of 80 representatives of Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations coming from 11 countries of the enlarged Europe. It has been a unique opportunity to discuss the role of LAs and CSOs in promoting jointly activities to foster social inclusion, in particular migrants’ inclusion in local life, and gender equality at the local level.
STAND.UP, implemented by ALDA in partnership with 17 international partners, aims to promote citizen participation and interaction with local and European institutions, through the methodology of town twinning.
During the Conference it has been possible to compare Malta and Puglia experiences on welcoming migrants coming from North Africa. Moreover, the presence of local and international organisation promoting gender equality has encouraged local Mayors to share their experiences with their counterparts from other European countries. The event has strongly benefited from the support of a relevant institutional figure such as Mr Carmelo Misfud Bonnici, Minister for Home and Parliamentary Affairs in Malta, and from the contribution of Mr Michael Cohen, President of the Local Councils’ Association whose presence has further strengthened the dissemination of the project outcomes.
As final part of the activity, a steering committee among project partners has been held so as to plan the follow up of the project.