Third and final international event of the ‘Recruit’ project in Madrid

ديسمبر 06, 2021

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

The Community of Madrid hosted, on 24th and 25th of November 2021, the third international event of the RECRUIT Project.

RECRUIT Project’s main objective is to promote the exchange between three Mediterranean countries (Greece, Italy and Spain) to tackle local unemployment through the sharing of good practices in Social Economy.

The latter represents, in addition, the focus of the event itself. Thus, different associations and enterprises from Spain shared their experiences; among them:

  • Mercado Social de Madrid,
  • Endesys Sociedad Cooperativa,
  • Inrobics,
  • Fecoma,
  • Campus I+G,
  • Helechos,
  • Supermercados La Osa, and
  • Amoverse

Moving on to the second country tackled by the project, representatives from Italy showed how gender equality and youth inclusion are key features to fight unemployment with good practices as testified by Young Women Network, Sprint School Project from Impact Hub Bari, La Fabrica del Farò, RISE-LAB Palermo and the Municipality of Bari.

The Community of Madrid hosted the third international event of the RECRUIT Project: sharing good practices in Social Economy

Similarly, the Greek team had representatives from Impact Hub Athens, Agia Pareskevi Municipality and VIOME Project, also sharing their results and impression on the issue.

In addition, Mr. Guzman García Gonzalez-Posada, representative of the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy, and Mr. Carlos Lozano Palanca, Director of International Relations for the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises (CEPES) were among the keynote speakers.

Last but not lease, ALDA’s colleagues Alessandra Brigo – Project Manager – and Lavinia Traina – Project Developer – presented the results and goals of the project and its sustainability.

Finally, a booklet with all the good practices shared and collect throughout the project and the international events will be available at the beginning of 2022.  A special thank the Community of Madrid for the amazing hospitality during these two days!