ALDA at the Regional School for Local Democracy in South-East Europe

Avr 13, 2011

Good governance

The Association of Local Democracy Agencies was present for the second time this year to the 2011 South-East Europe School for Local Democracy in Sarajevo, from April 7 to 11.
The School is a training programme of the Council of Europe for locally elected representatives, local authorities administrators and members of the LDAs and their partners, in matters related to local good governance, decentralisation and leadership at local level. It is linked to the Network of the School of Political Studies and the Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs. The host for this second seminar was the Sarajevo School of Political Studies.

Eight members of ALDA s network were present to the seminar: Mirjana Ostojic, Public Relations Officer to the Municipality of Prijedor, Paula Rauzan, LDA Delegate in Sisak, Dzenana Dedic, LDA Delegate from Mostar, Danilo Cabric, Member of cabinet in Mayor of Subotica, Dibra Blendi, Technical director of LDA Shkodra, Oriano Otocan, Istrian Regional Government Member and Member of the ALDA Governing Board, as well as Biljana Zasova, Senior Implementation Coordinator.
Mrs Zasova was also member of the delegation of the City of Strasbourg headed by Mrs Nawel Rafik-Elmrini, Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Strasbourg in charge with International and European Relations and Decentralised Cooperation. They had meetings with Prof. Dr. Alija Behmed, Mayor of Sarajevo and Dr. Mirsad Kebo, Vice-President of Bosnia and Herzegovina (on the photo).