ALIFS – Association of Intercultural Family and Social Ties


In 1986, the non-profit Organization of Tunisians in France (OTF) was founded at the instigation of a national federation coming from the early 1980s migratory flow. In a few years, the OTF went from communitarian logic to a civic take-on against seclusion, and developed an intercultural approach.

In 2000, the OTF became ALIFS (Association du Lien Intercultural Social et Familial / Non-profit Organization for the social & familial, intercultural Bond). This was a milestone for the organization, its staff, administrators and its partners.

This change was tremendous because it enabled the organization’s scope to grow and go beyond its traditional focus on the communitarian and Tunisian field. Its new orientations cover the integration of migrant populations and those coming from an immigrant background; fighting racism and all kinds of discrimination; with a particular focus on facilitating access to legal, educative, cultural rights and more, in an intercultural dimension.


 9, cours Pasteur , 33000, Bordeaux, France