Analysis and strategic planning workshop for cultural development in the Pelagonija region

Avr 01, 2011

Good governance Linked project:
Decentralised cooperation

The Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture Lokomotiva and The Regional Centre for Ethnology Culture and Techniques from Lower Normandy – CRCET are organising an Analysis and Strategic planning workshop for cultural development in the Pelagonija region, in Bitola, from 04 until 07 April.
The participants will analyse the needs, weaknesses and potential in the cultural field in the municipalities of the Pelagonija region; together with the creation of regional vision and mission for cultural development as well as the creation of a methodology for strategic cultural development in the region.

Around thirty participants will be present at this workshops, together with the representatives of cultural sector of all nine municipalities from Pelagonija who are directly involved in the regional culture.
The programme of this workshop will be moderated by Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski and Violeta Kakacova (Lokomotiva, Skopje) and Kristina Kujundzic (cultural expert from Serbia). The other participants and experts that will participate in Bitola are Mirjana Cvetkovic (Serbia), Pierre Schmit, Audrey Pulmier and Rimy Privat (France), Biljana Prentoska and Dragana Kjurcoska (The Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia).

This workshop will be implemented in the Copmponent 4 of the Decentralised cooperation programme between the Region Lower Normandy and Macedonia.For further information please consult the webpage of the Cooperation