Urban planning and sustainable mobility

Aménagement Urbain du Territoire pour REinventer les Mobilités et ENgager les Tunisiens


The AUTREMENT project addresses the challenges of sustainable urban mobility and planning in the Tunisian cities of Kairouan and Mahdia. To do so, the project works along the following main areas: capacity building by providing municipalities of both cities with training in the field of local governance; public space design and planning through several micro-projects (7 in Kairouan and 3 in Mahdia) to renovate and better develop both cities; mobilization and awareness-raising activities among citizens to help engage them in their city.


The AUTREMENT project aims to promote, on the one hand, a greater citizen participation in local governance and a sustainable urban development, and to promote, on the other hand, soft mobility especially by encouraging biking, in both Tunisian cities of Kairouan and Mahdia. Hence the project intent to improve their economic and tourist attractiveness as well as the daily lives of their citizens