Change at the LDA Albania

Avr 26, 2011

Good governance

The LDA Albania has a new Delegate, after the departure of Mr Franco Menga. The responsibility is assigned to Mr Francesco Fiera, who has been leading the office of Cooperation and Active Citizenship of the the City of Brindisi in this last year.
Mr Fiera will work with the support of a team, who worked in the activities of the city of Brindisi, together with the LDA Albania, in these last months.

The city of Brindisi is lead partner of the LDA Albania, with the very active involvement of the member of the government of the municipality, Mr Massimo Ciullo. Partners are also the Region Puglia, the city of Yverdons (Switzerland) and IPRES.
The decision will be further discussed and ratified by a future partner meeting, which will be held in the next months.
The LDA Albania focuses on citizens’ and youth’ empowerment and on local economic development activities. It is based in Skodra, Northern of Albania

The contacts are for the time being :; +39 392 050 38 75