Expanding network: ALDA’s Governing Board welcomes new members to shape an ambitious future

Fév 15, 2024

Good governance institutionnel

On 9 February 2024, ALDA Governing Board gathered online to welcome new members and set the stage for outstanding collaborations.

Following the warm greeting from the President of ALDA, Mr. Oriano Otočan, the meeting proceeded with the presentation from the potential members and feedback from the Governing Board.

The list of potential members included:

  • Vicenza Municipality, the city where ALDA has its Italian praesidium and with which it has a long collaboration;
  • CSV Vicenza, the Volunteer Service Centre of the province of Vicenza, set up to support and qualify the activities of associations and volunteers in the area.
  • Platoniq Foundation, a Spanish association dedicated to democratising culture and digital technologies;
  • Executive Committee of Novomoskovsk City Council, which are working with LDA Dnipro within the U-LEAD with Europe initiative and has played an important role in the first phase of the Ukrainian war, taking in over 9.000 refugees from the occupied areas and regions actively involved in combats;
  • Merefa Municipality, which is active in building and fostering civil society institutions in the community, supporting projects and initiatives aimed at promote citizens participation and local development; 
  • Hauts-de-France Region, a French local authority specialised in economic development, regional planning, non-urban transport, professional training and management of European funds;  
  • Gallio Municipality, which organised projects related to digital services and citizen participation;  
  • Diputaciò de Barcelona (DIBA), local government institution and previous  member of ALDA between 2009 and 2010, which promotes the progress and well-being of the inhabitants of the area.

Afterwards, all member applications have been approved by the Governing Board, marking a significant step for the relevance of our Association.

ALDA’s network continues its expanding journey based on strategic and innovative visions to a sustainable and a brighter future

The approval of new members paves the way for fundamental partnerships and collaborative initiatives to enhance the promotion of democracy and good governance at local level.

ALDA’s network continues its expanding journey based on strategic and innovative visions to a sustainable and a brighter future. 

We are extremely glad to warmly welcome all new members, looking forward to working together and taking actions for the well-being of local communities around Europe and its neighbourhood. 

Stay tuned for further updates on ALDA’s inspiring initiatives and enlargements of its dynamic platform.

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