Fighting corruption successfully: one city at a time

Fév 03, 2011

Good governance

ALDA is partner of the programme Working Together, gathering a large number of training institutions for local governments in Eastern Europe since its creation. The focus is capacity building for local authorities and support of civil society. The annual meeting of the programme took place in Budapest on the 28th and 29th of January at the European Youth Centre of Budapest. It focused on the assessment of the activities related to the programme Fighting Corruption at the Local Level. The leader organisation, FPDL Romania invited 20 participants implementing the strategy and 4 cases where presented. Craiova Municipality. It is the capital of Dolj County, has more than 300.000 inhabitants and a rich history, attested in documents since 1475. It is a powerful industrial city and an important educational center with rich cultural life. Craiova Local Government has more than 500 employees, a directly elected Mayor and 27 elected councillors. Zabok and Vrbvovec, two cities from Croatia. The Georgian team of anticorruption practitioners (Girogi Meshkidze, Helen Romelashvili from Civitas Georgica) and Lanchkhuti city. Sok�?ka City (Poland). Participants received the booklet Healthy Organisations, curing and preventing corruption in local governments that describes shortly the anticorruption approach. The event was attended for ALDA by the Director, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, member of the Steering Committee of the programme Working Together.