“Find the way through the enlargement labyrinth”. Launch meeting of a PRINCE Programme project

Fév 17, 2012

EU values and Enlargement Linked project:
Civil Trust Building

The kick –off meeting (qui link al pdf: ) of a newly launched project supported by PRINCE, Programme of the European Commission – DG Enlargement, will be held in Budapest, 17/18 February.
ALDA is partner of this project named “Civil Trust Building – Find your way through the Enlargement Labyrinth”.
This one year co-operation and capacity building action developed by the European House , Budapest, Hungary, will include LDA-s in the Western Balkans as 7 local contact points for promoting EU integration and regional networking actions for improved understanding and awareness of both enlargement and integration related issues.
Activities also include: national citizens’ consultation on EU enlargement with the participation of appointed contact organisations: production of information tools and questionnaire on EU enlargement labyrinth; internship and exchange of best practice activities; networking between Balkan and EU based NGO-s and project website design (qui link al sito: ).
Other partners are: ARCI, Italy, CNVOS, Slovenia, Pro Democracy Association, Romania, Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Slovakia, The World of NGOs, Austria.