Full stream activities for the Italian Alliance for the European Year of Citizens 2013

Déc 22, 2012

Good governance

The Organisations and Associations of the Italian Civil Society, joining the Italian Alliance for the European Year of Citizens 2013, met in Rome, in the “Sala Natali”, by the Permanent Delegation of the European Commission in Italy (19 December 2012)
About 50 representatives of the Organisations, which have joined the Italian Alliance attended the meeting, leaded by ALDA and CIME.

The event represented the third official meeting of the Alliance and it was the occasion to establish important decisions:
an operative subdivision in seven Working Groups, (the role of Young People, Gender equality, Volunteering, Inclusive Society, Proximity and Subsidiarity, and, finally, Culture) headed by different Organisations.- Although these Working Groups represent the specificity of the Italian reality, they reflect perfectly the European macro-subdivision in three Working Groups;

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Alliance and the organisation of local authorities TECLA.
A detailed list of activities was agreed and in particular a first meeting in January 2013 to meet the future political groups that will run for the elections on the 24th of February to ask for their support for the cause of a more democratic and inclusive Europe.