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Nov 18, 2020

Good governance

One thing the covid-19 pandemic has taught us is to be extremely resilient and never give on our projects… quite literally in fact!

We are thus very proud to note that among ALDA’s projects ongoing before the crisis, all 60 of them are active and in line with the foreseen activities, despite some difficulties – mainly logistics.

And in a time in which we are flooded with pessimistic and bad news (not to mention the fake ones), we need to encourage the spread of positive and motivational information, to remember ourselves that good things are also happening in our planet!

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At ALDA, thanks to our ongoing projects we can definitely provide you with some good piece of information, you just need to choose the topic of your interest and… subscribe to a project’s newsletter!

  • [Environment] Skills and competencies equalisation of forestry workers.

Follow our project FOREST and discover how the team of partners involved is acting to reach a European standard of competencies and regulations. SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter and follow #FORESTprojectEU!

  • [Migration & Technology] Research on the impact of novel technologies on perception and understanding of migration and security issues in the EU.

The project PERCEPTIONS aims to identify and understand narratives, imaginations and (mis-)perceptions of the EU – held outside of Europe – and the way they are distributed via various channels. Furthermore, it investigates how the information flow might be distorted and how a mismatch of expectations and reality caused by certain narratives might lead to security threats.

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  • [Construction & Innovation] Digitalisation skills in the construction sector. 

ICONS project responds to the skills gap between professionals and non-professionals involved in the operationalization of the Building Information Modeling (BIM). Start receiving its newsletter and be informed on ICONS training courses and the development of a digital app. SUBSCRIBE now and stay tuned!

  • [Social inclusion & Women rights] Improvement of gender-responsive public services. 

The project BRIGHT is mobilising international stakeholders and communities to improve the conditions of Romanian and Bulgarian women employed in low standard labour sectors in Southern Italy. SUBSCRIBE to the newsletter, follow BRIGHT on Facebook and LinkedIn and be part of the change!