Harvesting Success: Reflecting on AUTREMENT’s Closing Seminar and Celebrating Achievements

Fév 16, 2024

Engagement des citoyens Good governance

In a collaborative celebration of transformative initiatives, the AUTREMENT project concluded its journey with a closing seminar in Kairouan and Mahdia, Tunis from January 30 to February 1, 2024. Attended by approximately 135 participants from various Mediterranean countries and diverse organisations, the event showcased the project’s achievements and outlined avenues for the future of active mobility in Tunisia.

From its inception, AUTREMENT aimed to revolutionise and promote active mobility in Tunisia

The closing seminar served as a testament to the realisation of this vision, offering a platform to present tangible results and share the impactful journey since the project’s initiation. The seminar’s primary objective was to present AUTREMENT’s successes, challenges overcome, and promising avenues for fostering active mobility and citizen participation in Tunisia. 

Key highlights included presentations by representatives from Kairouan and Mahdia municipalities, showcasing facilities developed through the project across key pillars: capacity building and local governance, development and planning of public spaces, citizen mobilisation and sensitisation, and communication and visibility. Collaborative efforts between the project’s partners –, Kairouan Municipality, Mahdia Municipality, CODATU, CEREMA, and ALDA – were showcased as instrumental in achieving these milestones.

The event also featured three parallel workshops highlighting the project’s achievements. The capacity building and local governance workshop witnessed active participation from local authority partners, offering enriching perspectives. The workshop on public space planning and the Sustainable and Shared Urban Mobility Plan, in collaboration with CODATU and CEREMA, emphasised innovative visions for sustainable public spaces. Another workshop focused on citizen mobilisation and awareness, featuring ALDA and the local project office introducing the Methodological Guide on Tools for Strengthening Citizen Participation. Representatives from Kairouan and Mahdia played an active role, underscoring their commitment to informed and dynamic citizenship.The seminar equally encompassed guided visits in Kairouan and Mahdia, allowing participants to explore the project’s facilities and engage with various bike service projects created under the AUTREMENT project. This outdoor exploration reflected the project’s dynamic, community-driven approach to urban mobility.

In essence, the closing seminar highlighted the importance of exchanging practices, envisioning a future of sustainable and active urban mobility. It unfolded as a narrative of collaboration, transformation, and the envisioning of a future where active mobility seamlessly integrates into Tunisia’s urban landscapes. The project’s journey leaves an enduring legacy for sustainable urban mobility in the region.