Join the ALDA Working Groups: your expertise for the good of the community

Avr 13, 2021

Good governance

Members’ participation and active involvement are two cornerstones of ALDA’s work and the basis of our strength and added value. 

This is not only a programmatic and theoretic approach, but also concrete actions taken by the Association, whose democratic life is relaunched and refreshed every 4 years, concurrently with the appointment of the Governing Board of ALDA, that has now approved as one of their first actions the activation and animation of the new ALDA Working Groups (WG)

As you can read in our Strategic Plan the importance of sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise with professionals is crystal clear, as well as the importance of boosting the democratic and participatory life of our association.

Thus, the intention is to create seven Working Groups which will be focused on the main areas of interests for ALDA and its members, as  reported below:

  1. Democracy and Local Development;
  2. Environment;
  3. Digitalisation;
  4. Cooperation between CSOs and the Private Sector;
  5. Eastern Partnership/Russia and Central Asia cooperation;
  6. South-Eastern Europe Cooperation and
  7. Middle-East, Africa and Turkey Cooperation

To participate  fill in this form

More in detail, each group will be animated and supported by a staff member, and co-chaired  by either a Governing Board or an Advisory Board Member appointed to that specific area and a willing member taking part in it. The objective is to set a fruitful exchange (mostly “digital”), while collaborating with ALDA Staff and among the members to turn the seven areas into events, meetings, and of course exchange opinions, cooperation, projects and expertise on that.

How to join? If you are already an ALDA Member and you are willing to participate do not hesitate to fill in this form, made specifically for you! Beside, this opportunity will be included in the Application form for new members. 

Apply by May 15th 2021. Please note: in case you are still interested in joining a WG, you can still contact us after the dealdline by email: