Joint call to EU and governments to stop the war in Ukraine – Sign the petition for peace

Mar 17, 2022

Good governance

The call organised by the Municipality of Gdansk, with the support of European organisations of mayors, including ALDA, last Monday, March 14th, 2022, got a great success in terms of participation, with 200 mayors from the whole continent connected together to support Ukraine and ask for immediate ceasefire.

As a result of this coordinated operation, a Joint Call was issued addressed to “European governments and the European Commission on raising efforts to end the war in Europe”.

Let’s sign the Joint Call by Friday, March 18th and strongly ask for ceasefire and peace

With the above-mentioned Declaration, the Mayors unitedly “condemn Russia’s war acts and armed aggression against Ukraine. Nothing can justify Russia’s illegal use of force”, and raise 3 points to the attention of the Union and European governments, calling to:

  1. Force the Russian government to open humanitarian corridors
  2. European solidarity to work out and swiftly adopt decisions concerning the refugees’ capable reception and relocation in Europe
  3. Stop all trade relations with Russia and Belarus until the Russian army withdraws from Ukraine

What is important at this stage is to be united: for this reason, ALDA, the Municipality of Gdansk together with European Associations of Mayors, and the hundreds of Mayors who already signed, call all Local government to Join the Call and Sign the Petition to end the war in Ukraine.

Sign the petition:

Let’s try to reach 1000 signatures by Friday, March 18th!!


Useful Resources:

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