Learning and discovering RADEX project

Avr 28, 2021

Autonomisation des jeunes et éducation

Mobilising Against Extremist through Countering and Diverting Radicalisation of Young people” RADEX, is an Erasmus+ funded project on the span of two years. The project targets young people, youth workers, social workers, youth   organisations and equip them with the tools needed to identify patterns, methods, and different processes of youth violent radicalisation.

The project objectives are:

  • Designing and implementing a methodological framework and to collect data on youth radicalisation in Europe, then a report will be drafted with the findings.
  • Preventing and diverting young people’s radicalisation, through supporting the building of the capacity to identify and understand the different types of online youth radicalisation, by providing real data in the form of relevant educational materials. Which will act as an alert for the target group against online and offline radicalisation processes.

A learning experience which includes real life examples and patterns

Eventually the project aims at creating a safe space for the target group to enjoy a learning experience which includes real life examples and patterns.

Restorative Justice for All (UK) takes the lead of the RADEX project, supported by five different partners; Synthesis Center for Research and Education (Cyprus), Club for UNESCO for Education, Science & Culture (Greece), Ingenious Knowledge (Germany), Inclusive Europe (Belgium) and ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy (France).

Consecutive meetings have been held between the partners in January, March and April, to insure an efficient planning phase. The first transitional project meeting of RADEX is planned to take place on June 3rd 2021 in Brussels.