“New challenges of youth information” will be analysed in Prilep (MK)

Mai 31, 2011

Autonomisation des jeunes et éducation

Macedonian and French experts will host two day seminar on June 14 and 15 in Prilep, Macedonia. The participants and organizers will discuss the methodology, expectations and practices in youth information and policy as well as local realities and implementation. The objective of the conference is to present the model and need for youth information and exchange of experiences regarding Youth information centers in Europe and in NorthMacedonia.

The workshops will promote youth participation and information centers (work and set up). This event will be closed with final discussions, evaluation and signing of Declaration of youth information centers in several Macedonian municipalities.

The seminar is organised by SEGA (Coalition of youth organisation) from North Macedonia, House of Europe – Caen with participation of Youth Information Desk – “Kiosk” from Saint-Lô from the region Lower Normandy.

This event is part of the Decentralized cooperation programme between the Region Lower Normandy and Republic of North Macedonia, coordinated by ALDA