Promote your products at the EU level with ALDA’s marketplace!

Juin 24, 2020

EU values and Enlargement

In these precarious times caused by the consequences of the Covid-19 spread, ALDA wants to take action with a new initiative to support small local artisans!

We are hence proud to announce that we are opening a call to select crafts, original artworks, handiworks with a story to tell, to advertise them through our social media channels and on a proper marketplace on ALDA’s website.  


Aim of the call: in order to help small artisans and suppliers damaged by the crisis, we are launching a call to select products that we will then promote and trade at the European Level.

Deadline: 31st August 2020

What we are looking for: ALDA is looking for unique products that are not currently easily available on the European market and have a story to be told! We aim to connect the artisans to their customers  and offer an insight on what lies behind this kind of work. The handiworks can be textiles, clothing, accessories, home decorations, cosmetics, pottery, jewellery and so on.

Criteria for selection: we will select the handicrafts based on the following criteria, i.e.

  • The crafts must tell a unique story (e.g. the artisan’s history and cultural background, location, context, techniques).
  • Compliance with non-toxicity regulations.
  • Aesthetics, originality and uniqueness.
  • Artisans must be located in ALDA’s areas of operation: European Union, Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, MENA Region.
  • Cost effectiveness: the most convenient and high-quality artefacts will be prioritised.

What we offer:

  • Support in customising the products and international visibility!
  • Ad-hoc communication and marketing campaigns in the ALDA online marketplace and on social media.
  • A cooperation agreement of 1 year, potentially renewable depending on  the results of the partnership.

Terms and conditions: products will be available for sale on ALDA’s website, and ALDA will increase the original price of the product by 10-15% to sustain its mission and projects. In other words, we want to share the message “Support local artisans and their incredible story while strengthening democracy in Europe and beyond!”.

While payment of products will happen through ALDA’s website, producers will be in charge of shipping the products, and customers will be charged for the shipping costs. ALDA will transfer the payments to the seller once the amount of €250,00 is reached.

How to apply: to access the selection process, please FILL OUT this form(in English) by August 31st, 2020. You will be requested to upload pictures and a video of the product. The form is also available in French.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of products do you select? Everything, except for food. This may include any kind of jewelry,  bag, carpets, bio cosmetics, clothing, decorative objects or similar.

2. What does the story need to tell? Who you are, how you started your business and why you decided to produce this kind of product. We are particularly interested in any fun fact related to the product and its story.

3. Can I present more than one product? Yes, you definitely can.

4. What if I want to interrupt the partnership before 1 year? We prefer not to interrupt this collaboration before 1 year. Nevertheless, for very relevant reasons we invite you to call us and explain the situation and reasons for withdrawing the partnership and we will understand.

5. How many products will I be able to sell throughout the year? We can’t say. This is an experiment: it’s the first time we create this opportunity and how much you sell will depend on the customers’ feedback. In any case, ALDA will boost your products strongly at the European level and beyond.

6. How frequently will the products be promoted on your platforms? We will create tailor-made channels to promote ALDA’s marketplace and we plan to promote the products every week.

7. I don’t have the tools to take good quality pictures, will this influence your decision? We invite you to take the best possible pictures with the tools that you do have! You can use your cell phone. It is important to be able to fully see and get an idea of the product.

You can also send a product sample (not compulsory) to:

Ms Sofia Corsi, ALDA
Viale Milano 36,
36100, Vicenza, Italy

For more information regarding the present call for products, do not hesitate to write to Sofia Corsi: Can’t wait to hear from you!