The Macedonian Network for Youth Information studied the French model

Avr 14, 2011

Good governance

The team of the Youth Information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA, together with the Executive Director of SEGA, Member of the Council of the Local Self-Government Strumica and representative of the Local Self-Government of Shtip participated in study visit for the Network of youth information, Local partnership and its modalities of implementation in Lower Normandy, France.

The aim of this visit was to study the system and functioning of the Youth Information Centers in this part of France, representatives of the municipalities Shtip and Strumica in order to get familiar with the model of Youth Information Center, exchange of experiences and possibilities for further cooperation between North Macedonia and Lower Normandy.
This study visit is part of the Project for decentralised cooperation between Macedonia and Lower Normandy – France, supported by the Regional Council of Lower Normandy, the French Ministry for foreign affairs, the European House of Caen and the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA. These organisations cooperate on Component 2 of the project.
The Macedonian delegation had opportunity to visit Youth informative centers, Info points, municipalities and state offices, youth houses and youth cultural centers in Caen, Flers, Saint Lo and Oustreham.
Within this study visit both parties exchanged successful stories for the youth information centers, youth information, local partnership and the modalities of its implementation. Lot of fresh ideas will be implemented in the everyday work of INFO SEGA, and the opening of new youth information centers in Shtip and Strumica will be initiated.
For further information please consult the webpage of the Cooperation or contact Katica Janeva .