Inclusion of migrants and improvement of education

Promoting Fundamental Rights and Inclusive Education in European Schools through Gamification


In today’s digital generation, gamification has become a popular tactic to encourage specific behaviours, and to increase motivation and engagement to get the knowledge and skills. It is the use of game elements in non gaming environments.Though commonly found in marketing strategies in business among companies, it is now being implemented in many educational programs as well also including the professional development of teachers in various subjects. VALUEBOX aims to enable educational staff to build an inclusive and high quality education as well as the European dimension of teaching in secondary schools,which are paramount for creating and maintaining a cohesive European society by providing them:
R1 – Competence Framework for Teachers(COFT)
R2 – Gamified Self Assessment and Recommendation Tool for Teachers(SERT)
R3 – Gamified Open Online Course For Teachers(OOC)


VALUEBOX main objectives are the promotion of social inclusion and improve the outreach to people with fewer opportunities, including people with a migrant background; monitoring their teaching competences of social, civic, intercultural and common values; empowering teachers competences to raise awareness and understand the European Union context, notably regarding the common EU values, the principles of unity and diversity.