5th edition of the Romanian Development Camp: ALDA presents WTD to Romanian development NGOs and local authorities

srp 11, 2012

Good governance Linked project:

From the 11th to the 13th of July ALDA will be present at the Romanian Development Camp in Predeal to present the experience of WTD – Working Together for Development and to promote the NSA&LA Programme to Romania NGOs and LAs.
The event will be attended by representative of the Romanian Government, Local Authorities, Academia, NGOs and Media.
Mr Alfonso Aliberti, Project Manager of WTD, will be one of the speakers in the Working Group Local Authorities’ Engagement in Development Cooperation which will be attended by both representatives of NGOs and LAs.
ALDA continues the promotion of the WTD and awareness raising on the EU Development Policy Framework in the new member states trying to involve new actors in EU Development actions.