A Congress’ meeting to coordinate its network of local authorities to support Ukraine

ožu 16, 2022

Good governance

After the successful initiative promoted by the Municipality of Gdansk to join forces for Ukraine among European Mayors, on March 15th, 2022 ALDA participated to another key meeting organised by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

The call was attended by a wide number of mayors and local authorities’ representatives connected with the Congress, including the Association of Ukrainian Cities, around possible common actions to implement to support Ukraine during this war. In light of its wide network of local authorities, ALDA joined the meeting, on behalf of its Secretary General, Antonella Valmorbida, on its experience in the Ukrainian field and presenting the key points of its action to help and support the communities hit by the conflict.

“We are all together working with and for Ukraine, a country that exists, both geographically and politically”

Thus, Antonella Valmorbida gave an overview on the ongoing initiatives, being ALDA acting as:

  • an important platform to exchange reliable information,
  • facilitate connections among members and partners of its network
  • support the incoming flow of refugees in the Countries where ALDA is present
  • act politically to support Ukraine

During the meeting, Ms Valmorbida insisted on the importance of stating sound and clear that we are all together working with and for Ukraine, a country that exists, both geographically and politically.

ALDA – highlighted Antonella Valmorbida – assigned its label to the two Local Democracy Agencies we have in Ukraine, where we actively and constantly work with our members and with the civil society. On the other hand – continues Ms Valmorbida – we are in touch with a great number of local authorities in order to support the spread of good information in Europe, and mostly in Russia

ALDA looks forward to the follow-ups of this crucial meeting which, among others, contributed to reach a further level of coordination among the Congress’ network.

Further updates will surely result from the 42nd Congress session, planned from March 22nd to 24th, where the situation in Ukraine, fake news and threats and violence against mayors in the current crises in Europe will be addressed too.