A partnership between French and Ukrainian cities: together to rebuild Ukraine

tra 05, 2023

EU values and Enlargement

After more than one year, the deadly and tremendous Russian attack, perpetrated against Ukraine, continues to this date. For all this time, the Ukrainian population has never stopped defending their country and rebuilding what was unfortunately destroyed. 

ALDA, hand in hand with the Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine, continues to support the country and its people. 

In this regard, on April 2, 2023, Ms. Tetiana Lomakina, Delegate of the Local Democracy Agency Mariupol, met in Kyiv (Ukraine) with Mr. Thibaut Guignard, Mayor of Plœuc-l’Hermitage Municipality (France) and President of Leader France, both members of ALDA, with the aim of building strong partnerships between Ukrainian and French cities.

The main topic of conversation of the meeting was the issue of barrier-free and inclusion during the reconstruction of Mariupol and other towns and villages in Ukraine. 

Indeed, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of the city, Mariupol has been in a disastrous humanitarian state. The residents of Mariupol, who were able to leave the city, have the hope to return and rebuild it. Thus, it is extremely important that, in the post war period, there will be spaces where every person will have equal opportunities for success and development.

The meeting aimed at building strong partnerships between Ukrainian and French cities

The discussion continued covering not only the challenges that Ukraine will face in the course of the reconstruction, but also the possibilities of development and support that external actors could give to the country, underlining how inclusive development should be an ongoing process, not just a one-time initiative.

The meeting with Mr. Thibaut Guignard represented a great opportunity to enhance an already strong and long-lasting cooperation between French and Ukrainian cities as well as to raise awareness on the situation of Ukraine. 

The LDA Mariupol, temporarily located in Kyiv, works unceasingly on the reconstruction of Ukraine, despite the hazardous conditions of the country. ALDA will continue supporting the Local Democracy Agency and the Ukrainian population, with the hope that peace will return and remain. 

The Association’s commitment to Ukraine is supported and enhanced by its members and carried forward by ALDA and its network as a whole.