A video of IMPACT on performing arts with children in Slovenia

svi 07, 2020

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

Within the framework of the IMPACT project, the DRPDNM (Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto) implemented three local workshops with the aim of fighting inequalities and promoting cohesion and tolerance through performing arts. In particular, children of various backgrounds, immigrants and those with fewer opportunities were given the opportunity to take part in creative dance workshops, which were filmed for the purpose of the project.

The resulting videonow available on the DRPDNM Youtube channel, aptly illustrates how the children were initiated to performing arts and how in turn this evolved into a way of social inclusion. The two leading artists under this DRPDNM activity, Klara and Simon from Slovenia, developed and implemented three workshops where migrant children, Roma children and children with disabilities had the possibility to gather in beautiful places on the Slovenian coast, in the mountains and in Novo Mesto with the aim to practice acceptance, diversity, performing dance and movements in order to express their feelings and emotions, and as a result turn strangers but friends. The process, practice and outcomes all inspired inclusion and cohesion.

Through these performances, DRPDNM aims to prove that there is much potential to improve social perception towards people with fewer opportunities.

This activity was organised as part of the IMPACT project – Inclusion Matters! using Performing Arts towards Cohesion and Tolerance, co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Programme.