Advancing Local Democracy in Ukraine: ALDA’s Vision for LDA Kharkiv 

pro 06, 2023

Good governance

In a testament to its commitment to fostering resilient, inclusive, and sustainable communities, ALDA is spearheading the establishment of LDA Kharkiv (Ukraine). 

In a recent meeting concerning the opening of LDA Kharkiv, held on December 4th 2023, the ALDA Task Force in Ukraine, composed of Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General, Mr. Bartek Ostrowski, Consultant for LDAs’ development in Ukraine and Mr. Andrea Michelini, project manager in ALDA met with Ms. Tetiana Yehorova, President of Kharkiv Oblast (Ukraine), Mr. Christian Debeve, Chairman of the Cross-border, Europe and International Relations Committee of Région Grand Est to discuss the potential opening of LDA Kharkiv and to sign the cooperation protocol between the Grand Est Region and the Kharkiv Oblast. 
ALDA Secretary General, Mrs. Valmorbida presented ALDA’s initiative and its significance in supporting democratic aspirations.

Building on the success of LDA Odesa, the opening of LDA Kharkiv aims to make a significant impact on local governance amid challenging times

The recent inauguration of LDA Odesa marked a historic moment for the city and Ukraine as a whole. The event, held on November 17, 2023, symbolised a collaborative effort between local governments in Ukraine and European Union member states. The initiative is a crucial step towards establishing seven new Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine, aligning with ALDA’s flagship initiative.

The LDAs in Ukraine serve as stabilising and cohesive instruments in communities affected by conflict. Kharkiv, actively engaged in war operations, requires urgent humanitarian assistance and collaborative efforts to address the impact on its infrastructure and services.

The establishment of LDA Kharkiv is not only a response to immediate needs but a strategic initiative to strengthen local governance structures amid the ongoing conflict. ALDA remains dedicated to its vision of resilient, inclusive, and sustainable communities, actively contributing to Ukraine’s path toward a brighter future. Stay tuned for further updates on this extraordinary journey towards greater cooperation, stronger local democracy, and enduring partnerships.